northern expressway, the best bike path that dumps you in the middle of the worst road

rode into the city today from Gawler, I decided upon the Stuart O'Grady bike way. Some helpful directions from the friendly guy in gawler cycles was very handy. the route to get to it is not very welll signposted at all, when i say not very well i mean not at all... however once i was on the path. oh it was so smooth and fast very nice ride. an average speed of about 36k along there made for a very nice ride indeed. However you do eventually come to the end where you are fairly unceremoniously dumped  out onto Pt wakefield rd to fend for yourself amongst the bottles cans shards of glass and pieces of blown truck tyres.not to mention the trucks themselves and the many cars. i changed a flat at salisbury highway. emptied my second bidon shortly after. but eventually hit the relative safety of gepps cross and flowed on through to town.  all up 60k not to bad to start off the work day. i wont be in a rush to do that ride again that is for sure pt wakefield rd is no place for cyclists.

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I noticed that as I drove my car down the new expressway and was admiring the bike way until the end when it finished on Port Wakefield Road. What a terrible place to end it. I would assume that many people who otherwise would use that bikeway will steer clear of it for that reason. It's a pity. I wonder if they have any plans to extend it?
It seems pretty typical of a lot of our so called cycling infrastructure.

well i will give it another try then. because at the moment its not fun. Although even a bad ride is better than a good day at work.


yes that is true to a certain extent, the shoulders are wide enough until the salisbury highway bridge but from there to gepps is just dangerous, no verge  no safe way of crossing the entry off of salisbury highway and lots of fast traffic. Not fun at all

The Northern Expressway is to be connected to the Port River Expressway & South Rd by the Northern Connector.  It also incorporates a rail freight route.  Click here for some details.  I can't see a timeline for the project so probably 5-10 years away, maybe longer after the national flood crisis.

I agree about the bike path - great when you are on it but the connections at each end leave a little to be desired.  When I was out north at the end of December it looked like some work was being done on cycle lanes to connect the bike path with the Two Wells Rd and into Gawler - maybe some knows if this has been done?

UPDATE - just found the to be completed by 2016/17, subject to funding.  I think the funding might go north to re-build Brisbane.  It also says that it will include a share pedestrian/cycle path to connect with the Northern Expressway path.

I'd say this Corridor of connectors to the Port River Express way and the Northern Expressway is more needed than the Super Waste oops Way they are building now from the Pt River Expressway to Regenck Park..

I remember a few Mths back, that there was a bingle on the Port River Express way, Cormack Rds were blocked as traffic diverted and then the trains slowing that road. I then took Grand Junction Rd to Geps cross. over 1 1/2 hrs to get home.

If i ride which i didnt that day usually takes me 35-45mins.

We waste Big money on projects that really arnt needed?????

Dean, I do not cycle your route but agree that it looks awful and unsafe for cyclists where it meets Pt Wakefield Road. If I travel north of Grand Junction Road, I use my car instead.

Building the extension of a freight route to Regency Park will one day benefit other cyclists. The plan is to gradually duplicate the South Road freight route, but overhead the current road. Then DTEI's OCW expects the old South Road will be converted into a route for local traffic (cars) and bicycles. At the moment, I avoid cycling much of South Road.

Couldn't agree more the track does take you into an area that the police does not recommend cyclist ride. That is if you can find it, the signage is apalling, a mixture of old and new signs take you round in circles, none of the signage indicates it will direct you to the expressway track. I gave up in the end looking for it. Sad really that a) it goes to an awful end and b) it looks great to ride if you can actually find it. Tried to find it on cycle instead but that site was down. The cyclist is a second rate citizen in Adelaide I am afraid, the cycle lanes are bad everywhere, they are full of debris and are not continuous, the bus pull across the bike lanes to pick up/drop of at stops, often churning gravel onto the cycle lane. Major junctions are death traps as it apears every driver has to be at the limit in 3 seconds. Loosingthe will to ride as t is just too dangerous.

David, I sympathise because where the cycleway meets Port Wakefield Road looks disgusting from a cyclist safety perspective. The alternative of Main North Road is no better -- bicycle lane to the uni, then that disappears and the travel lane also narrows. When I travel north of Grand Junction Road, I drive, although my main transport is a bicycle.

The State Government's Cycling Strategy identifies that the main reason people give for not cycling is unsafe. Yet the government does not do enough to address this.

For example, a Prospect Council document recognises that commuter and freight route Churchill Road is a busy road: "Motorists are afraid to park on the street due to heavy vehicles and speeding traffic." So Prospect Council, with the approval of DTEI and the State Government, is currently narrowing the road with extended footpaths and indented car parking, and pushing cyclists closer to the wide trucks. Property of parked cars given priority over cyclists' lives.

Churchill Road has an intersection with Pym Street. The same council document states: "Pym Street is another vital link west over the railway line and is frequently used by heavy vehicles. Very busy and tricky intersection – sense of danger. ... The eastern end of Pym Street is not wide enough to allow a large truck to turn without using both sides of the road and subsequently some trucks have been mounting and damaging the footpaths and putting pedestrians at risk." What about cyclists who are even closer than pedestrians to the trucks?

What hacks me off is that in the past five years the Port Wakefield Road was rebuilt and the Port River Expressway was completed. Both of those should have had bike facilities suitable for 8 year olds installed as part of those projects. If they had spent that small number of millions along with the huge number of millions spent on those roads then we could have had a safe and fast link between the northern suburbs and Gawler.


Also, with all the work on the City to Gawler railway, why wasn't a bike path installed?  That would have at least addressed the northern suburbs to city issue.


In short, I see a real lack of willingness by the government to grasp opportunities as they arise. They'd rather just whack in some white paint to make the "kilometers of bike lane" look good. Both the Port Expressway and Port Wakefield Road are examples where the SA Police have strongly criticised cyclists who have used the "bike lanes" provided.


Whilst I'm ranting. If a truck mounts the curb to make a turn, then whack a length limit on trucks which use that road. The trucking companies will need to pull the B Double into their yard and break down the load from containers to pallets. That seems much more reasonable than a girl walking her dog along a suburban Adelaide footpath being killed by a turning road train.

Glen, totally agree with you. Remember you can contact me via Prospect BUG if you want to rant some more.
Yeah, why DIDN'T they put in a bike path when they did the gawler line upgrade?


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