It may be a little early as the project is currently still "unfunded", but the DPTEI has a web site about their proposed Northern Connector that will connect the Southern end of the Northern Expressway through to the Northern end of the South Road Superway.

The website text says that "The project will also provide a three metre wide 16 kilometre path for cyclists and pedestrians that will connect with the Northern Expressway’s existing 23 kilometre path." however there is no indication of this path in any of the the route maps.

I thought this sounded good and sent them a polite message:

I am pleased to see that a cycling path is proposed to be included in the Northern Connector Project, to link with the Stuart O'Grady Bikeway.

The figures on your web site to not appear to show the proposed alignment of the new bikeway. Has consideration been given to providing grade-separated road crossings at the interchanges by putting the bike path near the roadway (like it is at the current rail and river crossings) rather than requiring at-level crossings like the current Stuart O'Grady Bikeway has at the Northern Expressway interchanges? Some of these have quite poor sight lines for cyclists and motorists to see each other.

Is it anticipated that the southern end of the Northern Connector Bikeway will connect to new cycle paths near the Port River Expressway, or will it feed in to the existing bike lanes in the vehicle corridor?

Thank you,

  Scott Davis

The reply is somewhat brief:


Thank you for your email to the Northern Connector Project Team.

The proposed bike connection has not been developed to date as we had been concentration on the road and rail infrastructure to enable the project to proceed. It is the intention to provide good bike connectivity between the Northern Connector and the Northern Expressway and we will review the bike connectivity, during further detailed planning.

Kind regards

Northern Connector Project Team

Does anyone know if it's normal to include an "intent" but no planning in the concept pictures?  The Northern Interchange Concept Picture shows the Stuart O'Grady Bikeway next to the Northern Expressway, so someone thought to draw it there, but it is not shown to have any connection across Port Wakefield Road or any continuation beyond it. The two Cross Section pictures do show the shared path on the opposite side to the railway, and well below the road level.



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as I understand bike paths along major roads like this are now government policy so it should happen.

At  south road regency park there is a new bike path that will cater for bikes near the super-way.

I would imagine that unfunded projects are at best good intentions.

After all government policy can change with the stroke of a pen.

They may also be likely to change if the government changes.

Will the superway be a road to nowhere and so encourage this project?

Proposed Route

Personally I feel confident the Northern Connector Project will be excellent for bike riding.

It would be great if there could be

  • water, and toilets for cyclists included in the ultimate design. We dont need much as  vandalism along bikeways doesn't seem to be as big a problem as less remote areas. 
  • A couple of larger shady stoppping areas where groups of riders such as Gawler Wheelers 50+ cyclists could regroup to the side without clogging the bikeway or risking punctures.

Riding out and back along the SOB from Adelaide is pretty much an epic in summer and for interstate tourists that come in January have no idea what they are in for.

I agree the SOB is neither scenic nor sheltered (summer or winter). There are two sheltered picnic stops along it (no toilets though).

If the Jack Bobridge trail eventually links through the Gawler trails to the SOB, then an SOB extension and a new bikeway along the Port River Expressway, we'd have a continuous off-road path from Port Adelaide all the way through the Barossa to Angaston. Do the coastal and southern paths all link up yet to continue to McLaren Vale in the other direction?

Good job Scott

Keep the questions/pressure on govt and they will listen.  Your points are valid and i look forward to the day we can ride from the Barossa to the Port on a bikeway.

and then from Mt Pleasant to Oakbank along the scenic Amy Gillett bikeway. (They have started the Mt Torrens -Charleston section, another year or so to finish this section)


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