As soon as BISA heard that the State government was going to extend the tram  down North Terrace to East Terrace we asked to speak to Transport Minister Mullighan about taking the opportunity to improve cycling on North Terrace.  (Bike facilities on North Terrace is number 2 in our top 10 wish list.)

We never got the meeting, and now that the plans are out, we can see why.  Not only will we not get bike lanes, but things will be worse, with the existing wide kerbside lane narrowed so much that cyclists will have to occupy the lane with buses and cars.  

Despite making it worse on the road - impossible for all but the brave and fearless - they are doing nothing for cyclists for cyclists off the road either.  One of our committee members wrote to DPTI about it and was told that cyclists will just have to take to the footpath.

Have a look at the promotional video.  Not a cyclist to be seen.  And this from a government that hopes to double the amount of cycling, and for a street that is the state's main cycling attractor.  What a joke!

Instead of providing bike lanes, or at least keeping the existing wide kerbside lane, they've decided to have tram platforms on the outside of the tram tracks, instead of in the centre, as on King William and the rest of North Terrace.  That means 2 platforms instead of one.  Also, it looks like they are going to widen the footpath on the southern side - as if it isn't wide enough already - rather than provide a bike lane.

ie cyclists are being literally and completely ignored.

BISA has put it's stance on our website.  Assuming its too late the change the configuration, we're calling for:

  • converting the footpath next to the buildings on the northern side of North Terrace into a bike path
  • 30kph speed limit on North Terrace
  • part of the eastern footpath on King WIlliam Road north of North Terrace to be reserve for cyclists riding up hill.  (The tram extension down King William Road to Festival Drive similarly squeezes out cyclists.)

If you want to do something about it you can register your interest on the project website, explain your interest as a cyclist.  Better still, you can write to Mullighan: (  telling him what you think.  

Some things you could say

  • cyclists need to use North Terrace to reach the railway station, the unis etc.
  • cyclists on the footpath need a dedicated space for the safety of both pedestrians and cyclists
  • if cyclist are to use the traffic lanes, we need a lower speed
  • he should reconsider the wide footpath on the northern side to make room for a bike lane

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Nice letter Keith

I'll be on ABC891 after the 9am news this morning, hopefully with Stephen Mullighan.

How did it go?

Pretty grim.  Mullighan wasn't there to be attacked so David Bevan attacked me instead.  He seems to think that there are some streets in the CBD where cyclists can't expect to be and North Terrace is one, even if it is the most popular cyclist destination in the state.  And there were the usual talkback callers calling for bikes to be registered and bikes banned on Portrush Road.

I don't suppose that I should have expected him to have improved now that he has the morning talkback slot with all the retirees.

Fortunately David Pisoni came on later to help me share the heat.

Sorry to hear it. Brian just filled me in too after listening. Was worth a try I guess. He is just a sensationalist idiot.

Brian said David Pisoni did help out a bit which is good to hear.

Ian - sorry to hear you had to put up with that.

Many voices are more forward thinking. Take heart! I am pleasantly surprised at the number of woman cycling that I see of late .. news has it that means a safer perceived environment .. I certainly hope it is a safer place to cycle and you sure are helping!

Thanks for the encouragement Ross. 

Yes I listened to the ABC podcast yesterday afternoon and of course it was pretty one sided I thought , and of course there was the usual band of anti cyclists ringing up wanting cyclist registration , ya di da di da.

The presenter, even thought he said that he is a cyclist, seemed to be on the anti cyclist side of the one sided discussion, and then it got sidetracked on to Portrush Road etc etc.

Our city planners are out of touch with what is going on in the rest of the world by still catering for the car as the main form of transport .

We're with you Ian , so keep banging away !    

I'm wondering whether it is a good idea to agree to talk to the shock jocks.  You know they are going to attack you, and you know that their audience is likely to be taking their side.  After all, why would they keep listening to them?  Perhaps by refusing to go on they would not raise the topic.  I was told that they were hoping to have the minister, in which case he would probably have been the one that was attacked.

David Bevan did this to me once before.  I was asked to talk about Frome Street but he tried to get me to defend his attack on cyclists riding too fast down the Crafers Bikeway!  You'd think I'd learn.

In the interview re North Terrace, unfortunately you opened yourself up for further questioning with your comment about wanting every road in Adelaide to be safe to cycle. If you had said, "excuse me, we're here to talk about North Terrace", I'm sure he would have said, "well YOU were the one who said every road in Adelaide should be safe to cycle." It's how he operates on experienced politicians: he latches onto something and tries to go in for the kill.

My advice, for what it's worth, is to try to stay focused on the topic (North Terrace itself) rather than let it be broadened. Of course that's easy for me to say when I'm not the one being interviewed.

I can't remember what I said, but thought I said, "I thought we were here to talk about North Terrace".  

I wish I'd pointed out that I was just defending the status quo: cyclists (like all other road users, apart from some heavy vehicle drivers) have access to all streets in the CBD, except for Rundle Mall.  

But as you say, it's easy to think of things afterward.


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