After the TDU, asked the wife if I could buy a Pinarello FP7 or Malvern Star Oppy C7, agreed that I could buy one in 6 months time, on the condition that I ride my flat bar roadie 3 times a week for the next 6 months..

Not a bad deal I thought, since Ive only been on my bike four times since being rolled by a car, breaking my arm three years ago, those being the twitter rides and the TDUs..

So this week, riding along North East road, it didnt take long to remeber the dangers faced, with average roads bike paths that dont go the full distance in & out of the city..

I cant beleive a goverment which has thrown its support around cycling, cant provide a bike path all the way into the city on one of the states busiest roads.

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Try the bike path down linear park. Very tranquil. 

Alternatively, can be useful to identify alternative 'low traffic' routes.



If I am in a rush I will occasionally head straight up NE on the way home, as unless you get a bad run with the lights it is quicker.  Usually though I prefer the safer route along the bike path with the new foot bridge behind the zoo meaning you can get from Frome Rd to the other side of Hackney rd without going on a road.  In the mornings coming the other way, it can be quite tricky and hazardous crossing Park Rd to get to Melbourne st as there is often a continuous flow of traffic and so it is usually quicker to get on the bike path and go underneath.

even linear park isnt linear all the way, you do a couple of backstreets around paradise.


my pet peeve is following little tracks that don't go anywhere, theres at least one out of the city on the linear park track.. then theres the tracks which wind around instead of making a track where people have obviously worn a path because its the shortest route...

On the whole, I don't find North East Road too bad, however, you really need to be assertive and confident and prepared to take the lane if and when required. 


A calmer alternative that parallels North East Road is Walkerville Terreace + Harris Road.  That can take you from OG road to Melbourne St without too many dramas. 


I'm not sure where you are coming from/to, but I used to ride North East Road into work, but have since found that riding Mullers Road+ Regency Road + Main North road is a much safer and faster alternative to get into the city




Linear park goes all the way from the top of Athelstone all the way to the sea, via the city, no roads at all. The only roads are the ones you take to get there.

@Robert There are a couple of sections of linear park from Portrush Rd to Lyons road where you do have to ride on residential streets.


The linear park follows the Torrens not the OBahn.

If you stick to the North Side of the river from just before you hit O.G. Rd you can go all the way on bike paths.  Its a lot longer though.

I'd definitely avoid NE Road at this stage in its development. I hope that in the future there will be a combination of better cycling infrastructure on these commuter routes, and less cars!


But in the meantime, as others have said, the Cycle Instead Journey Planner will help you plan some much nicer routes.


Speaking of Torrens Linear Park, there is currently a Management Plan for the whole Eastern half of the Linear Park (i.e. from Adelaide City Council and eastwards) being drawn up, which will be out for public consultation very soon.

If bicycle users want to have some input into how the Linear Park is managed, ESPECIALLY the shared path component of it, then you may want to be involved in the public consultation process, via Adelaide Cyclists forum, and/or The Bicycle Institute (BISA).

I'll put up a special post when the consultation period opens.

Sophie,  I would be very interested in the consultation phase, I use the LP every day to commute from Highbury to the South West side of the City.  Have found the fastest route is on the south side of the river and is a combination of bike tracks mostly parrallel to the O-Bahn and small side streets.  The potential is there for a proper cycle commuting artery with straighter, faster, smooth, flat and safer tracks for serious commuters who don't want to risk the daily roulette of using main roads.  The biggest bugbear currently are the holes and roots under the tarmac.  Personally I don't think shared paths work very well for either group - walkers or cyclists.  Many of the walkers can't be drivers as they just don't get the idea of staying left!  Even so 45 minutes for 17 km  given the terrain isn't too bad.  When I'm brave enough to use the road best time is 40 mins. so LP isn't far off the pace, absence of traffic lights really helps.

I often ride from St Agnes down to Glenelg along MNE rd for the Cobwebs run to outer Harbour and back on Saturdays (like Today) and at 6:45am it's no drama. Coming home at about 11 am ish is very different and I quite often get onto the linear track off Port Rd and then the Obahn track all the way to Grand Junction Rd but it is about 10 mins longer depending on how many wayward dogs I have to avoid.

The bike lanes on MNE rd are not much help because they disappear just when you need them the most and there are always cars parked.

This is exactly what I want my new bike for, I would like to do the cobweb rides on saturday mornings but I dont know if I have the equipment to allow me to do it at the moment..


Am actually considering the Cobwebs or VLCC but Im more worried about being a dead weight to the group..

I ride Nth East Rd regularly at all time of the day. In peak traffic the the ride from Portrush down to the Walkerville Arms is a pain as the road narrows and there is insufficient room to ride on the inside of the traffic let alone install a bike lane. So in peak period traffic I divert down Lansdowne Rd (opposite Hampstead Rd) to Walkerville Tce. From there you can continue to the end of Park Road and continue on to the city, BUT you really need to be very patient and careful if you want to cross over to Melbourne St or even continue up the road and cross over to the Botanic Park as the traffic here is really heavy.

Far better in my opinion to turn off Walkerville Tce down Gilbert St and join the Linear park down to the Frome Rd bridge.


When riding home I usually ride up Rundle Road, left on Fullarton, cross over Payneham Rd into Baliol then ride through the avenues of St Peters up to Battams Rd, River St, Lower Portrush, Harris through to OG and join Nth East from there.

Alternatively you can  ride up through Nth Adelaide, Medindie, Collinswood and ride the back streets parallel to Nth East and join Nth East at Muller Rd.

The only junction I really have problems with is Nth East and Sudholz, it's too narrow to pass on the left of motor vehicles for the last 50 mt so you just have to take the lane.



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