I ride up Norton Summit a few times a week, mostly at dusk or just after and have been amazed by the number of riders descending rapidly in very poor light conditions without lights on their bikes.

Just in case you descenders hadn't noticed there are far too many idiot car drivers that seem to think it is perfectly safe to overtake riders on blind right hand corners when they are going up the hill. This has happened to me more times than I care to count.

Sooner or later one of those idiot drivers is going to time it perfectly and have an (idiot) unlit cyclist on or in the front of their car and it is going to be messy. I don't want to be the one calling the ambulance and sticking my fingers in holes in your body that aren't meant to be there to stop you bleeding to death. Or worse still locking lips with you for two breaths every thirty compressions to keep you alive while the ambulance arrives.

If you are one of those idiot cyclists put some bloody lights on your bike and give yourself a chance of being seen!

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Same for any cyclist riding anywhere.. I noticed two cyclists in dark clothing slip streaming along Anzac Hwy last Wednesday night at approx 8pm pitch black heading towards town.  The leader had no lights the tailgater had a pretty poor rear flasher and just as bad front flasher.. honestly no car pulling out had any chance to see them..  they were flying too I estimate doing 35-40kph.. crazy stuff. 



I agree but at the same time I have seen a lot of really good lights being used. Cygolites, AyUps, NiteRiders, Serfas etc. I was on Hampstead Rd yesterday and for about 2kms I could see a cycling coming with the recognisable flash of a Cygolite. It's just that they are a fair bit more expensive than a basic flasher so it does take a bit of commitment but it is an insurance policy in  safety. I believe in a good bright front light over high-viz clothing too.

I agree. Some of the groups coming down Norton are lit up like you would not believe. There are some seriously bright lights out there.

I ride to and from work daily along North-east Rd before dawn and after dusk, wouldn't be without top notch front and rear lights. Niterider 250 on the front & Cateye TL610 on rear.

Funny you mention cygolite Gus as I just took delivery today of a Cygolite Expillion 500... :)   man I could see the flasher coming off street signs 100 metres down the road and it was 4.45pm and still very light!!!  Can't wait to see how it goes on my next bollards ride when its dark on the descent.

Main thing here is that a good flasher doesn't have to be mega expensive... This is my first front light upgrade in about 6 years and my old flasher is still great but doesn't light the way at night (I also only use to commute).   Now that I ride more I need to ride in the dark at times to keep up my fitness.  

My latest rear flasher a Tioga twin Eyes was recently rated as one of the best bang for buck rear lights you can have and at $19 I'm extremely happy with it.  The old flasher which is also very bright but not very waterproof is now strapped to my helmet so I'd be unlucky for both to go flat on the one ride. 

If you ride at night spend a few bucks people.  Think of the poor sucker you might run into let alone your own world of pain that's around the corner.



Funny you should mention a Tioga Twin Eyes, I read only recently that it was voted the best red rear light you can buy. I have one and I love it, only on Wednesday morning others wouldn't ride behind me because they said it was just too bright. I think I need to angle it down a little bit!
Yeah, I can still see spots in my eyes! :-)
I think some of these super bright tail lights these days should have multiple power levels. Thats one thing I like about the RZ4, can tone it down for night, crank it up for day.

I'd say I read the same article as you did Gus hence my purchase.  It would be great if you could dim it for group rides. Maybe not as annoying if it's on solid rather than flashing???  don't know.

even the $30 a set lights would be better than nothing.

I wonder were you would stand if you had an acident with no lights whne you have to have them?

after all wouldn't it be an unroadworthy bike and the the rider should have known about the defect?

certainly there seem to be people who seem happy to ride quite fancy (expensive) bikes without lights.

And are you saying that there are not people who ride non fancy (not expensive) bikes who do not have lights. Seems to me you are always passing judgement on people who ride expensive bikes yet never mention people who ride non expensive bikes who are also at fault.  And what is an expensive bike anyway ?

Perhaps he is saying that some will spend money on a bike but not good lights. Actually if bike expensive, another reason for good lights is to protect your property.


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