Just asking. Hope one of the regular attendees can restart the group. The biggest strength of this site is the group rides IMO and we've just lost a heap of them :- (

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I will still be going down on a Thursday night.. I don't think I have been doing it enough to put it up but if no 1 else wants too I will..

+1 the discussion boards S&*T me to tears most of the time. Only reason i really frequent AC anymore is the group rides, even then i hardly attend! =-(


Used to like to stir the pot occasionally in the forums - but little substance is in them these days

The rides and groups and friends is what keeps me on here

I can't see the Nightrider rides stopping anytime soon whether they are advertised on AC or not.  The regulars are good friends who enjoy the spin to Outer Harbour and back and the not so regulars are always welcomed.

The atmosphere and sheer delights served up by Kat and Steve will see the group live on for a long time IMO.

Yep forums and power meters doing my head in.. I am just gonna ride... To many opinions on here and mine is the only 1 that matters;-)

WTF? :-(

Can see Night Riders still living on though, it is a goddam tradition .... 

Kat here...Matthew, that is a VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION. This week's answer: Chocolate Pudding (as requested) and Trifle (also by request)

def looking forward to the Trifle :)

There are 3500 members of this site I am sure there plenty of people to create a group in what ever shape or form that might be...

Onwards and upwards...

Yep agree there are a lot of inactive members just trying to say maybe someone else should step forward...


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