Christmas is done and dusted but the New Year brings us to new beginnings and a chance to wipe the slate and reflect upon what we need to change in our life to live more comfortably with ourselves....
Would love to hear about what the adelaidecyclists community are contemplating to enjoy their cycling more...and what crazy goals are planned for this year?

Would also love to hear if you achieved your 2012 goals or whether it was all just pie in the sky.

For 2012 I completed the Bike SA Grand Slams for the first time making onto the exclusive list...rode Melbourne to Adelaide 1100km solo over 5 days, and did the Ride4Repat so completed over 2500 km back in March.

After autumn the cycling kilometres dropped off a lot due to illness and stacked on a bunch of kilograms over winter. Seemed like a major setback if you focus on weight alone but remember those who have been unable to ride due to major injuries, so really my set backs are nothing to compare. Managed to do winter cyclocross despite feeling not the best and managed to claim second for the series in C grade. Hence found a niche in cycling that I'm comfortable crashing in :) During this time my gym attendance dropped off, so come spring joined the Revive edition of PUSH training over 8 weeks....loss 3 kilo of weight overall but actually lost 6kg fat and put on 3Kg muscle... hence I learned weight loss is not the be all and end all... now despite being 12kg heavier than winter 2011 actually much stronger than before...

The lessons of last year is to make yourself wiser about what you wish for....hence now I have extra weight and still opportunity to trade fat for muscle and the knowledge of high intensity training make this happen. Believe that I have achieved the 2012 goal of being happier in my cycling and enjoying it more without feeling the need its the be all and end all....the endorphins don't seem to kick in as much and don't feel the withdrawals if I don't ride everyday...hence life isn't controlled by cycling or the need to Strava every ride....but nothing wrong if you do especially if you want to ride 20000km in a year...then Strava will have more significance. For me, cycling is freedom and takes me places and gives a sense of achievement. Highlights I treasure... racing Anna Meares in CX...riding over the lsle of Lifou and didn't even have to wear a helmet...getting back on the indoor rower on a cruise ship beating the times the two personal trainer had logged.

2013 is another opportunity for hope and promise which is why people set new years resolutions... one last longer than others... some goals fail while others are achieved....but maybe the failed goals serve to teach us what we need to learn and make smaller steps to get to our destination. So don't be too hard on yourselves but realise we are all in a state of becoming... life is a a train it travels most of its time towards a destination stopping briefly at stations along the way so enjoy the ride into 2013.

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Despite being well into my 74th year, attempt to maintain my fitness at the level that I have enjoyed for so long. On a good day, can still put in a 30 kph average on my regular ride, and climb some of Tasmania's hills on a standard chain set and alloy frame - - whooeeee !  

Terry, Im almost 47...and relate very much to what you have pointed out. A regret is not cycling seriously when I was a teenager they are the years where it is must easier to build muscle and establish a base fitness which can carry you throughout the decades after. Starting this cycling caper in the middle ages is definitely been a difficult road for me, but hoping to be like you when I nudge 74....kudos mate and respect

  Rob, the first fifteen years of my working life was in the RAAF, where at that time at least, a high level of fitness was encouraged. I have been involved in some sort of competitive sport all my life, including 12 fantastic years of indoor short track ice speed skating ( see in my photos ). Competitive cycling did come later in life, but I did have a very good base to build on. I am sure that the speed skating background was responsible for my ability to hit 62 kph in a sprint in my mid fifties in vet racing, though I did work on this quite intensely. Much of that was done at the Perth Velodrome, where I used training sessions to sprint the whole of the last lap in a three lap sprint event. Motto  for that was- - go early and go big ! 


mate - want to go for a ride sometime? your goals sound pretty similar to mine for 2013.

tollgate-bollards current: 27.23 target 25.

norton current: 16.47 target 15.

waterfall gully: 8.59 target 8.

yet to do sheoak or coach house. using my 52-39 I'd love to say I could do them by the end of the year.

stay injury and crash free is very important.

pretty happy with how far i've come in two-three months... looking forward to 250km a week next year.

It isn't cycling, but next year I want/will run a half marathon!

I would like to focus on my cyclocross a lot more. I see it as my only real racing opportunity and for someone who doesn't really have a racing taste for blood it's a good genre.

I also want to keep my recent training gains going and hit my trainer set goal of Norton Summit at 18mins.

...and just be a better all round 'wheelman'...

I suppose I should keep Adelaide Cyclists going and put something extra into it (there is some cool stuff coming).

..and lobby Strava to have 'kudos' changed to 'chapeau'.

Happy new year. Ride safe.

Thanks a lot Gus for this forum. It is the best that I have encountered.

Definitely +1 for replacing kudos with chapeau on Strava....cant wait to see some changes to AC but hope nothing too dramatic causing loss of orientation....also planning to stay ahead of you Gus in the Cyclo cross :)

all for kudos to chapeau... and to be honest, I don't think it'll be too hard to get them to change it.

campaign time!


  • Keep advocating for safe cycling infrastructure - safe enough for my children to use;
  • Make it to a BISA meeting.


mine are simple... doing all grand slam finishing with the 200km (obviously) and welcoming my child into the world and being there for them... so doing all the GS could be tricky... this is the reason i am not putting any KM goals in for this year.... has been a great 2012 though... started cycling and loving it and met some amazing people and have come such a long when you think back to my first 'P' ride with the SSRC i threw up at the top of the esses, and now as of sunday cracked the 30min for nortons witch i am stocked with... i guess if i have 1 more goal i would like to try and get nortorns under 25min and old willy under 14... and do the three BiTc**s with out winging.... gonna be 1 big year!!!! look forward too it and look forward to more chatting and cycling with the SSRC, Muddies, and AC in general.  :) keep safe you all...  


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