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I am wanting to get a new set of tyres for summer, I have my eye on the Michelin Pro 4 Service Course. Does anyone have these? And if so what are your experiences with them?



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They already released updated version called GP4000s II, which is coming in several colours.
So people cannot complaint that GP4000s have boring looking.

Once you got GP4000s, you cannot go back.

I have been running the Pro 4 Service Course for much of this year -- liked the first set so much I am now on my second set.  Will probably buy a third set as well.

I paid about $40 per tyre.

They're light but not ridiculous, roll fast, handle nicely, wear well and I've only had a couple of P's (now I've done it ..)

Totally recommend.  A million times better than the Pro 3.

I have the Michelin Pro 4 "Service Course" on one of my bikes and so far, so good.

The Pro 4s' superseded the Michelin Krylion range of which I have had several sets and proved to be a good tyre.

I have just purchased two Michelin Pro 4 "Endurance" from Cycling Express for the princely sum of $53.80 which included a $10 discount voucher for signing up for their newsletter and because the order was over $50 - FREE SHIPPING.

Mind you they have taken 3 weeks to get to me.

CyclingExpress often need a followup phone call to actually ship your product. Good prices, but...

People replying probably just read the broadly worded subjects "new tyres for summer", "faster wheels", "Help me!" Even if the replies don't answer the original post they do fit the under the lazy thread title.

Thanks for the reply's. I'll give them a go I think. In red of course to match everthing else :)

I highly recommend Vittoria Diamante Pro tyres, rode from Adelaide to Melbourne and not one puncture!

I have the Pro 4 Service Course on one of my bikes, and like them very much - - would buy them again.

Fast tyre but wears fast.

Get GP4000s if you want a tyre that is a bit faster but with better grip and durability.

If you want ultimate durability, get Armadillo's.


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