New to Adelaide: where to service my bike/buy parts etc...?

Hello everyone. I'm new to Adelaide, and Australia, so I have no idea which shops are any good for servicing and repairing my bike, as well as buying parts, lube do what I can myself. 

I have a fairly decent MTB.

Thanks in advance for your time. 

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Where abouts are you based, Central, North, South, East or West?

Bicycle Centre Mitcham has a pretty good reputation for all things MTB

Obviously not ideal if you are on the other side of town.

The guys at Mitcham were most helpful in a rebuild of my first dualie that I purchased 2nd hand.

Once  they worked out that i was happy to learn how to do things myself, it was literately "this is going to cost you $500+ just for this, this & this and you'll be right" 

They sold me a full set of bearings and i did the rest, with a few grey hairs along the way.

Bio Mechanics on Waymouth Street Adelaide is my favourite bike shop, the services are done just behind the counter.

Bradley, my favourite is International Cycles at 70 Payneham Rd, Stepney, about 6 bus stops from the Adelaide CBD. Owned by Peter who is super helpful.

If you want instructions on a big repair job or access to tools you rarely use, check out the Adelaide Community Bike Workshop at The Joinery, 11 Flinders St, Adelaide. Financial donations go towards fixing S/H bikes for people in need.

+1 for Peter @ International. Friendly, honest and conscientious. He's been my go-to for years with anything ive been stuck with on my roadie.

However MTBs are not his forte and he may forward you on to Bicycle Center Mitcham, as he did for me.

Bradley - welcome to Adelaide!

Lots of great cycling here which perhaps you already know - Heaps for a MtBike ride. Melrose in the Mid North is a great place to enjoy if you can get there. My fav - up Skye out the top and down a path - a few to choose from ;-)

As for shops I haven't really heard about a bad one - I tend to go to the place I bought that (n + ?) bike at. BMC on Waymouth, Kym in North Adelaide.. I frequent the Norwood Parade so Phil Mittiga. I'd suggest somewhere which they sell the same components on bikes that you have.

+1 for both Phil Mittiga/Norwood Cycles and for Peter, Lia and Andrew at BMCr in the City. And of course for the Adelaide Bicycle Workshop at The Joinery!



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