I just dropped into Tailwind to grab a brake lever (which I probably don't need so it was a good buy) and there, leaning arrogantly against some cheap and nasty Giants, was a lovely new Merida. Now I'm not a huge fan of the carbon fibre bike look as most of the curves and things look like they're just there look different to steel and quite frankly, like modern cars, you usually have to read the brand name to tell what it is. But this Merida, with it's wide, wedge shaped top tube, nicely flowing curve along the top tube and down the seat stays and subtle but well co-ordinated colour scheme, genuinely looked beautiful. Well done Merida.

Anyone else seen some nice offerings now that the new models are coming out?

And no, I'm not going to buy one. It's a case of 'I can appreciate it without feeling the urge to purchase it' - rather rare in this old wombat.

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Yep, this....

looks nice Tim - will be better when you eventually get it! Feb is getting closer

yeah, I keep trying to forget about it, but Chris keeps reminding me which is good of him! pity they didn't have any on display when we went to the shop opening. the sram ones should be in store soon, the frame sets and shimano ones not till the new year
Can always rely on Chris for that! Yeah will be good to see them in the store as they are great looking bikes.

It seems to work, get the bike in Feb..... 

and I only went in to look at a new seat, which I did actually buy, along with a few other things, and eventually a bike.....

Three years ago, I went out to buy a new bike and came home with a Nissan X-Trail !

You poor soul Terry. I hear there are things to help cure that problem now :)

Too late now, besides, my bikes fit inside very well !

Hmmph, half your luck. I love my MGB but the strap type bike carrier is a right, royal pain. Time to get a tow bar fitted methinks.

My first car, bought in 1959, was a 1949 MG TC.

Love the T series, every darned one of them.

This is my third MGB - an Aussie assembled MkII roadster, a chrome bumper GT straight out of the container from the USA with no suspension, no brakes, no seats, etc (the bits were there but didn't work) that I converted to RHD and used as my only drive after my first marriage went kffut, and now a rubbernose roadster that I've had for over a decade and is now my daily drive (and my second marriage has gone kffut too, only that happened 8 years ago).

And if you're wondering what this has to do with bikes - I had the old white bike when I had my first MG (don't know what make and we've never unearthed a photo - pretty poor for a bike that took me to uni most days for three years and later moved to Sydney with me) - my Europa was a well loved bike when I bought my second MG and the Hillbrick was born during my time with my current MG ... and the Europa went from downtube shifters to fixed gear and then to 9 sp. Ultegra gears.

See, you can draw a tenuous link from anything if you try hard enough :)

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