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We’ve heard that a new State Bike Plan may soon be coming down the path! It will replace 'Safety in Numbers’ which ran its course in 2010! The Bicycle Institute is now looking for your ideas for potential 'new Greenways' for submission to a renewed State Bike Plan. Can you help? Read on for more information....

You may recall that 'Safety in Numbers’ outlined an Adelaide Greenway Network in a map which - 12 years later - is now starting to take shape.

This initial map included routes that are now familiar to many such as the Mike Turtur and Outer Harbor Greenways. They tend to follow Adelaide’s tram and rail lines, making use of the 'railway boulevards', existing greenspace, local roads and occasionally even bits of rail and tram reserve!

Adelaide’s arterial roads act as major barriers to people dependent on walking, cycling and mobility devices. Greenways aim to overcome these barriers and allow bicycle users in particular to:
• avoid arterial roads and the hazards of heavy traffic
• provide safe crossings at main roads
• provide short-cuts and faster, more efficient and pleasant cycling routes.

The trouble is that in spatial terms, Adelaide is a large city divided up by many busy arterial roads! The Greenway routes mapped out in 2005 didn’t do a lot to assist cyclists in the north and east of the city, nor indeed in most of the outer suburbs. A Greenway Network for a city of Adelaide’s size will require many more major bicycle 'trunk routes' than the six or so identified in the initial 2005 map! And they'll need to connect outer suburbs and not just all point at the Adelaide CBD!

We want to see a vision for a Comprehensive Greenway Network in the new State Bike Plan - one that will facilitate easy and safe bicycle access for everyone – ‘8 to 80 years of age’ - right across the Adelaide Metro Area!

To accomplish this will require cyclists - you and me - to identify every available opportunity we can for potential new Greenways and ’trunk’ bikeway routes. No matter how short or how long. Government can’t do it – we have to!

These new routes do not have to be long - they could include links and pathways:
• using unused drainage or plantation reserves
• along unused sections of railway reserve
alongside major and hazardous arterial roads (including improvement of under-utilised footpaths!)
• use of pipeline reserves or local parks linking local networks and by-passing intersections.

You know your local cycling environment best! You know the unused or underutilised infrastructure. Drainage, rail and pipeline reserves, footpaths, quiet, dead-end streets backing on to parks and reserves. Things that prompt questions like… ’this could be better’ or… ‘why can’t I ride down there’?

Here’s you chance! Please let us know:
• where you think a new stretch of Greenway or bikeway would be useful?
• what existing space or reserve exists that might do the trick?
• where the new Greenway route could start and finish?
• how it would be used & how it would improve your cycling?
and…what youwant to call your 'new Greenway route'?

Email BISA at chair@bisa.asn.auor PortBUG at portadbug@gmail.comor…
…reply below to this ‘New Greenways?’ post or at BISA's facebook page.

Please let us know your hopes and dreams for new Greenways and Bikeways across Adelaide!" There’s no time limit to this ‘8-80 Project’ so… keep riding, looking and thinking!

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I'd love a greenway north of the city running east to west. The current options are a total joke - "bike lane" on the side of a god-damned expressway, grand junction with its bike lanes that love to appear and disappear, or find out some other tangled mess of roads to navigate.

I think many people would be with you on this one Adam, including me. Can you be a bit more specific? As announced recently by PortBUG, it looks as though there will be a new off-road Greenway built alongside the Port Expressway as part of the Northern Connector Project and connecting the Port to the Northern Connector and the slowly extending Gawler Greenway just south of Mawson Lakes. Are you thinking of maybe an additional route closer to Grand Junction Road? Or maybe up through the middle of the Gillman Rail Reserve to South Road? Or maybe somewhere further to the East? Where are you riding from and to what destinations? Identifying specific opportunities based on your local knowledge and experience is what we're after here... Sam

I didn't know that, but that's excellent news. I was vaguely aware there'd be a bike path shadowing the NC but if they're connecting it to a new one that's a relief.

I'm trying to get DPTI to send me a graphic to illustrate what's planned. I'll post one as soon as it's provided... Sam

The Sturt River Trail is missing from the map, it gets a lot of use.

Someone needs to work out how to get cyclists safely to the Tollgate from suburban streets with lower traffic volumes. The footpath between the Fowlers Rd pedestrian crossing (on Portrush Rd) and Glen Osmond Rd would be a possibility.

East-west could be improved with a path just south of Grand Junction Rd, attached to the railway overpass as required.

On the Toll Gate region, I have wondered whether it is possible to take advantage of the fact that the retirement village, between Cross Road and Glen Osmond Road, has almost no driveways, so might be amenable to a short shared path either on the north side of Cross Road, or the west side of Glen Osmond Road. That plus a path through Ridge Park could then link up to Fisher or Wattle Street through the streets of Myrtle Bank. (However that would still leave cyclists having to cycle on the footpath, or brave the traffic, from the bottom of the cycleway to Glen Osmond / Cross / Portrush Road lights).

Thanks for the info. I suspect the River trail is seen mainly as a recreational asset used by local rate payers rather than commuters from outside the district. I've never used it in peak hours myself, no idea how manageable the uncontrolled road crossings are then.

Hi Jilden, I must apologise - the map I used is the one posted by DPTI levelled 'Greenways' - there are several existing medium-long distance routes which are missing from it! I must stress that I think we need to consider the longer-term use of all routes, whether they are seen as 'recreational' or otherwise. They are, after all, all 'bike routes' of one form or another. Part of this exercise will be to develop a better working map that we can sit down with DPTI and discuss... Sam 

Jilden, at one stage I had frequent business down south.
I would ride to North Tce, catch the train, and at the southern end cycle to the business.
Afterwards ride all of the way home, including Sturt River Linear Park. More pleasant than Torrens River Linear Park because fewer pedestrians re sharing issues. Some work-around to use a mixture of bikeway, shared paths, on-road bike lanes, and street sections.

Jilden said "East-west could be improved with a path just south of Grand Junction Rd, attached to the railway overpass as required."

Jilden, are you able to be a bit more specific here? Any idea what reserve or roadway or existing pathway space could be used just South of GJ? To the West of South Rd, PortBUG have been looking closely at Cormack Road and environs (just to the north of GJ) - though the heavy vehicle presence is a bit daunting...!

A couple of routes being built by PA/E Council just to the south of GJ Rd are those we refer to as the East-West Connectors - here and here. They're not particularly direct but we think they will provide some useful connectivity. These are BTW some way from completion...

OK just looking at the map on the northern side of GJ Rd, connecting Rumble Rd to Gallipoli Drive via a partly utilised underpass to the rail yards would connect the Churchill Rd North precinct to the Regency Park precinct and the South Rd Superway bike lanes and off road paths. Plenty of land along the south side of Grand Junction Rd in that area. A two way path on the south side of the overpass would do as well. Shift the Armco barrier to the road's edge where the lamp posts are, widen the path where possible and fit a fence on the embankment side.

I see that your second map just touches this area.

Cormack Rd is fine on a Sunday, I use it often on a quiet weekend ramble. Not very fond of it during the week though.

1. (This might already be done, with recent road works). Is there now a link through the South / Marion /Sturt Road triangle, to get from Patrick Jonker Veloway (alongside the Southern Expressway) to Sturt Road, somewhere near the Tonsley Railway station? (where there is than a reasonable bike route through Mitchell Park / Clovelly Park).

2. Are cyclists allowed through the Blackwood Railway Station car park? I would have thought that would be a good way to avoid the Blackwood Roundabout.


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