Hey all! long time no...cycling, well for me anyway!

Long story short i had a bike, it was awesome, massive frame failure, apparently not under "lifetime" warranty, blah blah blah, consumer affairs, blah blah now the manufacturer are offering me a small reimbursement (about 1/4 of what i actually paid).

My question is this. Does anyone out there know of any good deals on FRAME only. Looking for carbon and has to be dura ace Di2 compatible as i will be stripping the old parts off. I'm waaay out of the loop on bike stuff so not really sure what is out there anymore!

Thanks guys and girls. 

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Are you a member of Bicycle Market on FB Trent? There's always heaps of frames coming and going. You can also work out what is cool and what is not so cool by the turnover of bikes. A certain frame from Giant often makes an appearance which makes me think that it's not so great or perhaps it's way to stiff? Saying that though Giant ADL are letting folks test ride their bikes, which many bike shops should learn from. I've got the feeling the shop I've bought from in the past may miss out on a sale of a CX bike as they're not cool with people going for a trial ride.

Thanks TJ. i used to be a member on there. not sure if still am or not. I'll have to have a look!

also on FB.... Adelaide Bicycle buy and sell group..

cycling express online store or torpedo7 always seem to be selling frames

size? budget? might have something I can help you out with


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