New bikeway work along Railway Terrace, Edwardstown + Ascot Park

Marion Council is proposing new bikeway work along Railway Terrace in Edwardstown (and a tiny bit of Ascot Park), between Cross Road and Sixth Avenue, apart from the section they have already done adjacent to Edwardstown Railway Station. Details here:

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I am a little concerned at the proposal to make it a "bi-directional on-road bike path". Without decent separation, surely that sort of setup is dangerous? The plans appear to have a small concrete separator, but I'm not sure.

So a question for anyone good at reading plans: what sort of path is actually being proposed?

And for anyone who knows what is and isn't good practice: is the separation adequate?

The separation looks like it will be a narrow raised concrete separator.  The path surface will largely be the existing road surface - similar to the construction method for the original Frome St Bikeway.  No-one is going to cross it by accident, but it doesn't give a lot of distance between cyclists and oncoming traffic. Definitely less separation than ideal.

My biggest gripe is that the junctions are absolutely shite.

Also some sections of Railway Terrace are already so quiet that they really don't need a separate bikeway at all.

All in all, it's a bit of a mess...


I assume you mean the junctions as they are at the moment, not the ones in the plan? And especially crossing the E-W roads which cross the train line (Delaine Ave, Angus Ave) ?

They have similar bi-directional on-road paths in Sydney and I have found them pleasant enough when using them. I don't think they will be a problem with the low volume of car and bike traffic that route currently has.

I have been looking more at the plans and I think a lot cyclists will not be happy about the section near Woodlands Park train station.

Adjacent to the station, the bicycle path stops (there are "stop" lines on the plans), and for about 50 metres, it appears to become a shared cyclist/pedestrian zone, because that is where pedestrians come out of the station and use the footpath. I imagine many cyclists will avoid the whole situation by just riding on the road for that stretch.

Also, though not directly a concern for cyclists, the plan reduces car parking around the station, and the on-road parking around that station is pretty heavily used.

There is a lot to like about the plan. Combined with other work already done, it reduces the number of intersections between Daws Road and Cross Road, from 24 to 4 (and those 4 are unavoidable without major work, because they are the 4 roads which cross the train line). But that area near the station also gets the least car traffic, due to the blocked off "dead end" (for cars) to the north at the Raglan Ave intersection. I wonder if a better solution for everyone would be to leave that section alone; or just do minor things like sharrows and zebra crossings.

I have just noticed that there is a similar setup on the existing path, adjacent to Ascot Park train station. I don't usually go that far south. Does anyone know what most do cyclists do there: stay on the path, or use the road?

I'm not a commuter so never go that way in rush hour, but I've ridden through there often enough. Either side of the station the path is fine, alongside it's just a matter of slowing down and watching for pedestrians. No different to any other shared space really, and pedestrians are concentrated around the underpass exit at the northern end.


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