There is a new 7.00 am - 9.00 am bike lane on the south of Rundle Street from Fullarton - College Lane.  It runs where there has always been car parking in the past. I tried it for the first time today at 8.55 am and it was full of parked cars.  Has anyone tried it earlier ?  Is it free or are the drivers taking awhile to get used to it being there ? I guess it isn't fully sign posted  yet although the signs at the beginning and end are there.

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I'll try on Monday.

Once again during the week

Lots of parked cars!!

Truck parked there this morning.  Bloke told me he wasn't the driver so it wasn't his problem.  

Looks like that white car following you was in a massive hurry too

Wasn't going very fast, but was a little close.  

Three cars illegally parked this morning at 8.30am.  There is an article in AdelaideNow saying

TOW-TRUCK drivers would be unleashed on vehicles illegally parked in clearways, bus and bike lanes for the first time, and be allowed to dump the car in the nearest side street.

New laws to be brought before State Parliament would allow immediate dispatch of tow truck drivers from the Transport Department’s CCTV headquarters in Norwood.

Maybe they can move a few of these one morning.


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