There is a new 7.00 am - 9.00 am bike lane on the south of Rundle Street from Fullarton - College Lane.  It runs where there has always been car parking in the past. I tried it for the first time today at 8.55 am and it was full of parked cars.  Has anyone tried it earlier ?  Is it free or are the drivers taking awhile to get used to it being there ? I guess it isn't fully sign posted  yet although the signs at the beginning and end are there.

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Ah good oh.  Looks like it is beginning to work. I missed that sign !

The sign is a little useless.  If you miss that (and the bike lane sign) there is nothing to indicate no parking.

Yes they really need to put something on the poles that currently have the 2P on them like further down the road.  

Do you think extra signs would work?

240-264 Prospect Road, Prospect has been no parking in peak hours since about 1972 when clearways introduced to Adelaide. This transitioned to peak hour bicycle lane. Painted in white on the road is a long white line, plus many large bicycle symbols. On posts are large bike lane signs at start of each street block, plus small signs indicating when parking not permitted. Plus extra non-standard signs attached to the shop verandah posts. On Friday 25-Nov-2016 5.15pm three parked cars.

I don't think it will work. At the other end there are often one or two cars parked in the peak hour bike (gutter) lane.  I imagine they are mostly left there overnight.

The will is just not there to enforce parking restriction. That includes when they hinder motor vehicles too. Flinders st between Bartels Rd and The Parade on the eastern side of the city is a great example. I used to drive down there every day on the way home (before I started riding). Always a couple of cars illegally parked- still is everytime I drive through. Now and again you would see a cop ticketing, but was pretty rare.

Need the political will to legislate what happens in Sydney with clearways- the Tow truck drivers go to work seconds after the restrictions kick in.

There are some new signs down that way I noticed today.  Well at least newer than the google maps sign I pasted earlier in these comments.

But I agree there is almost always at least one person in that lane who can't read.  

Does anyone know the legality of parking on top of the broken line in the top photo with the rear of the car just beyond the sign ?  I see quite a lot of people doing that outside of the bike lane hours.  There is a 2P parking sign just where you can see the cyclist.  So drivers that park west of that are inside the parking sign but the broken white line is running underneath there car.  Is that  legal or illegal ?  Thanks.

Ah sorry the photo ended up  nowhere near my question. I mean the one below.

Michael, could you make your question clearer? Time of day, is bike lane operational, etc.

I know that when a vehicle is parked in two zones (e.g. front in ordinary parking and rear in no standing), the vehicle can be ticketed.

I think he's saying that it's almost impossible to park a car between the broken white line and the kerb (unless you have a motorcycle, or that bus from Harry Potter), because the white line is about one metre from the kerb. So in that case, is it legal to park with your car overlapping the broken white line?

I don't know but I'm guessing the answer is "yes".

Hi Peter,  Yes that is the problem.


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