There is a new 7.00 am - 9.00 am bike lane on the south of Rundle Street from Fullarton - College Lane.  It runs where there has always been car parking in the past. I tried it for the first time today at 8.55 am and it was full of parked cars.  Has anyone tried it earlier ?  Is it free or are the drivers taking awhile to get used to it being there ? I guess it isn't fully sign posted  yet although the signs at the beginning and end are there.

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Friday 9 December, 8.15 am.  14 cars parked in bike lane.

10 at 7:47am 


Down the other end of the road where there is another 7-9 section of bike lane all the parking signs have a No Standing 7-9 sign attached to them as well like below.  Maybe they need to do that in this new section. At the moment I think the only sign is at  the beginning.

Actually those ones I got off google maps seem to have been replaced by these 

I think those signs must have gone up today. It's a different sign in the photo Paul J posted from this morning.

Hi Peter.  No they are in a different part of the street.  The bike lanes on the southern side of Rundle Street are

(A) Fullarton Road - College Lane  -- new 7-9 bike lane in gutter 

(B) College Lane to the pedestrian island near Australia Post -- 24 hour bike lane in door zone

(C) Australia Post -- Dequetteville Terrace -- old 7-9 bike lane in gutter

Those signs have been up for awhile in that (C) section which is the old 7-9 bike lane.  

I try to remember to carry a few of these in my jersey pocket and leave them under the windscreen wipers of offending cars, as a courtesy....

I might borrow that idea if the council's work doesn't have the desired effect.

I think it would be a better if it said "a person's life"  ... just my two cents

I hear ya! According to some comments in the Sadvertiser. Cyclists are not people, just things on the road that get in their way. We're little better than bugs to some:( 

I still cant believe they allow "Run em over with my bullbar!" type comments :( What the f**k are the editors thinking? 

Went past at 9.05 today -- so out of the active time.  About 8 cars parked and 4 of them with tickets/warnings attached to their passenger side wipers.

7:45 this morning - only three cars - a small yellow sign at the start and end saying "Changed Parking Conditions"


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