There is a new 7.00 am - 9.00 am bike lane on the south of Rundle Street from Fullarton - College Lane.  It runs where there has always been car parking in the past. I tried it for the first time today at 8.55 am and it was full of parked cars.  Has anyone tried it earlier ?  Is it free or are the drivers taking awhile to get used to it being there ? I guess it isn't fully sign posted  yet although the signs at the beginning and end are there.

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That's great! No doubt it will take a while for the motorists to work it out.

The ACC has a great way to help motorists work it out nice & quick, but I guess a bit of a grace period is a nice gesture from them.

Payneham, Norwood & St. Peters, not ACC.

Six cars this morning at 8.00 am.  All in the first half heading into town.  The surface is a bit rough but at least you aren't in the door zone like down opposite Bunnings. 

This was this morning at about 8:00am

The bike lane opposite Bunnings has been slightly widened (but still is a door zone)

The widening near Bunnings is at least a help. I usually sit on the extreme edge of the bike lane there. It will also be useful when trucks delivering to Bunnings park there and overlap the LH edge of the bike lane. 

The green turn area for bikes going back the other way you can seen in your second photo is a good thing as well.  Otherwise in heavy traffic it was  bit uncomfortable sitting out there. 

Reply from NPSP Council

"Dear Mr Jorgensen

 Thank you for bringing the matter regarding illegal parking in the new Bike Lane to our attention.

 As you may be aware the Bicycle Lane was installed by the Department of Planning Transport &  Infrastructure (DPTI) including the signs to affect the zone.

 When the Council installs new parking controls, we also install additional advisory signage to indicate that the parking controls have changed, I’ll raise this with DPTI and see if they can arrange similar signage to help alert motorists to the changes.

 Further to this, as advised by Mayor Bria the Council’s Compliance Officer’s will increase the patrolling of the area to ensure that drivers are complying with the restrictions.

 Kind Regards"

Well done.  Thanks.


"Morning Paul

Thanks for your email.

Our Compliance Officers were out patrolling the Bicycle Lane this morning and issued all vehicles found in the Bicycle Lane with a Caution. As well as speaking to any of the drivers that they could to advise them of the changes.

For the short term the Compliance Officers will continue to issue Cautions however, full expiation Notices will be issued to any repeat offenders.

Kind Regards"

Sounds like it could be quite lucrative for them in the future!

I wonder if Paul gets a "spotter's fee" :-)

Ah good oh.  I looked at a few as I went past at 8.15 and didn't see any tickets but probably it was later. 


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