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So I wonder what kind of publicity is going to be put out to get drivers and cyclists used to these? Maybe the Advertiser could pick these up they seem keen on cycling lately.

It's going to be interesting using these.
Thats pretty much a Melbourne style thing. At each intersection the bike lane turns into a box in front of the traffic lanes. Its a good safety idea to get cyclists seen at intersections but it will p!ss off some motorists.
It should encourage what I tend to do anyway. When I am waiting at a signal I usually do this well in front of the car in the outside lane behind. This ensures that they and other cars in the lane know there is a cyclist ahead. (I can also display my awesome track standing skillz), On the green light you get a head start then pull back to the left or the bike lane. As the cars now know you are there they tend to give you more space.
Awesome idea. Adelaide is a great city to do this in. Here's hoping we have more bike-friendly initiatives like these in and around the city.
It's a great idea, but will surely cause confusion and arguments amongst cyclists and motorists unless there is some form of educational program
There does certainly need to be a BIG education program for those in "Tin-Tops" so they can begin to understand and respect the rest of us (not just cyclists, but pedestrians and motor cyclists too). I am not 100% sure that a huge education program will change attitudes tho. I think only time and a new generation of car drivers who grow up with cycling as a more front-of-mind experience/reality can be expected to have a different attitude to cyclists.

What we need is a Government that is happy to accept the criticism associated with making the city car-free, spend the money necessary on the public transport system and the parking needs of doing this. Only then will we see cycling become the main form of transport in the City of Adelaide.

Bring back the Pedi-Cabs of the 90's instead of Taxis that sit in ranks with their engines running all day just so they keep the a/c on for their comfort.
Had a drive-by on Thursday evening to have a look. Seems like an odd place for Adelaide to "try on" the new Bike Boxes. I would have thought that Somewhere on Grote St might have been a better option.



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