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Well said Simon. Whether intended or not, the message being conveyed is that cyclists should get out of the way of cars and that cyclists should not object to being run off the road and if they do, motorists may express their indignation by offering to stab the cyclist.

I actually find this sickening and incredibly depressing. We're trying to eliminate violence in society and the court was this feeble?

My only hope is that the finding opens a way for a civil law suit. I think the cyclist would have been genuinely traumatised by that incident and it probably affects him every time he rides. Perhaps a compensation payment in the tens of thousands of dollars might adjust the attitude of the driver.

check his username and you tube comments about carrying a truck horn etc, he was ready with both cameras, my guess is he doesn't mind the attention he attracts, he was definitely was not scared of a 4wd mid roundabout but got scared when the guy pulled a knife, I don't know what he was expecting.

 I don't slap cars no more, Someone hits my car I would be upset but no excuse for knifes, there are plenty of idiots carrying weapons and short fuses etc, over 400 road rage murders in America each year and it seems like we are following them :(. 1200 buck fine is the same as DUI and just as dangerous. Not condoning pulling knifes either.

Road users should not swerve aggressively.  I teach my son ( & myself) to gradually move over and take the lane.  Gentle actions beget gentle responses.

I suppose we don't know if there was some sort of interaction before the video.

However I hope the driver doesn’t have access to firearms.


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