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So, that's a fishing knife or similar. Please tell me that the outcome was that the driver was charged for carrying an offensive weapon and threatening life or whatever the correct term is. Or, are you allowed to threaten to murder people now if you have a big car and a small d!ck?

I've only had someone lie in wait ahead to attack like that once and luckily I didn't have a clue, hence when he ran out to attack, I just kept riding straight at him, the last thing he expected. Pure good fortune on my part, I had no idea until afterwards that he was trying to assault me and it must have scared him that he nearly got cleaned up.

This was something else. A murderous blade changes everything.

$1500 fine apparently from other sources on the net.

No way!!!!

That's traffic fine level. Seriously, I was in the police station when they busted a kid way worse than that for riding one of those petrol powered bikes which was oversize. No rego, no motorbike licence, wrong helmet. He was expiated for more than than that. He was really distressed and they weren't trying to minimise the charges, but I don't recall him threatening to stab anyone with a big knife. Nup, that was not one of the charges.

Seriously, if I jumped out on a pedestrian, brandishing a deadly weapon and threatened to plunge it in their chest or face, I think I would be spending a year in prison.

Poor behaviour on both sides, more entertainment than anything, thanks.

I can't agree. There are many times I can see the other side, but this car driver was dangerous and criminal, both at the roundabout and when he threatened with the knife. 

Absolutely shocking.

I actually do not see "poor behaviour" by the cyclist - what did he do, not "get out of the way" when the motorist tried to force his way through the round-about...

Actually, yes. Since no one has "right of way", the correct thing for the cyclist to do was to let the car in to avoid a collision. Instead, you can see from the secondary camera that when the car comes into his vision, he continues to pedal and try to beat him to the roundabout.

Of course none of this excuses the driver's behaviour. But as I look at the video again, I think the rider should have ridden more defensively. BTW, I'd say the same if he was in car.

Come on rossmg are you one of those self entitled cyclists? Don't you know that when you are riding towards a roundabout at 35km/h and a very important motorist comes flying up behind you, you should immediately stop, get off the road and let them drive through unimpeded. Otherwise you'll be giving every cyclist a bad name.

Agree with your comments Peter, it just looks ugly and probably preventable. Sometimes its probably better to slow up, suck it up than give idiots ammo to have a go at you. Too many impatient people these days to fight them all.

I wonder what his insurance company would think of this?

It does not matter how poorly you ride a bike, or what defensive moves you take - including hitting a car with your hand - there is NEVER an excuse for threatening life. This dick should be behind bars and have his licence revoked. It beggars belief that anyone can think that a possession is worth threatening someone's life for. And it is just really sad that the legal system treated this so… lightly.

Basically the legal system is saying "If you ride a bike, you are on your own, don't expect any support from us. If you drive a car, do whatever you like, just remember we will fine you."

just remember we will may fine you. FTFY. (no fine)


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