This discussion is for posting links to any droolworthy bikes that are worthy of N+1 status, as per Velominati rule #12.

Here is the rules :

  1. You get 1 picture to sum up everything that is droolworthy about the bike.
  2. You get 1 sentence to describe the bike. Just stick to the specs, let the bike do the talking.
  3. You can add 1 link to more info on the bike.

... and thats it, keep it simple.

Let the posting begin.

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Those cables look like they would smack you in the face when in the drops

Baum Corretto - Fully customised Ti geometry & paint scheme (for example purposes we'll use the previously mentioned Gulf colours), Campa Record & some carbon hoops, 'nuff said!

c'mon lotto win!


Not sure if you've seen Bill G's - it's a beautiful bike. I love the Gulf color scheme though. 

I saw a guy rolling up Magill Rd last Sunday on a Mondrian style Baum...'twas beautiful!

Vanilla Custom steel. 5 year+ waiting list.

(Vanilla also manufacture the non-custom Speedvagen bikes. Speedvagen do some of the best bike paint jobs I've seen)

For the Belgian fans out there, there's always the Bosberg from Ritte cycles.

Just landed at the TdF start in Corsica

Fuji SST 1.1, just looks like a rocket.

A more complicated version of Rule #12

2013 VN Aquilo with Campy Chorus.

Rides beautifully: fast, smooth, light, and turns like, um, a really good turning bike.

Disclosure: I'm biased, this is mine. We are still on our honeymoon. ;-)

Surprised that only 4 have 'liked' this discussion.


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