This discussion is for posting links to any droolworthy bikes that are worthy of N+1 status, as per Velominati rule #12.

Here is the rules :

  1. You get 1 picture to sum up everything that is droolworthy about the bike.
  2. You get 1 sentence to describe the bike. Just stick to the specs, let the bike do the talking.
  3. You can add 1 link to more info on the bike.

... and thats it, keep it simple.

Let the posting begin.

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Tell the truth, you're just jealous of the sleek lines of a true dual suspension speed machine.  Realistically, most of the DF bikes on this site are BORING!, especially that $110k Colnago thing up a couple of places that is both BORING AND FUGLY.  Oooh look, another DF bike with different stickers!  Oooo drool, another plastic DF bike with different stickers!  OOOOH a friggin Titanium boring DF bike.  Seriously, thank F*(# for recumbents, bakfiets, cargos, dutchies, cruisers, bmx, MTB, choppers, trikes and longbikes otherwise we'd all be mercilessly confined to a life of sore necks, sore wrists sore backs, lycra, vehicular cycling, Tony Abbott and a seat chisel that is trying to ream a new a-hole.


Diamond Framed safety bicycle aka what has become commonly known as a 'standard' road bike.

There is a very good reason for what you call DF bikes being the standard road bike - - it has been shown to be the most practical and successful design. 

I live in a VERY hilly area of Tasmania, and I would take on anyone on one of those weirdos any time !  

That good reason was 1934 when the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) modified the rules to outlaw recumbents.  This was all because a man by the name of Francis Faure consistently won races on his Mochet Velocar without too much effort.  UCI racing is a bit like V8 Supercar racing between Holden and Ford where the rules were modified to exclude the likes of the Ford Sierras and Nissan Skyline GTR because the Holden and Ford variants couldn't keep up.  It took until the 1970's and Easyracer before recumbents started to become known again.  Later still, it took until the 1990's until velomobiles started to become known.

Be careful what you wish for.  Some light reading regarding the 2013 RAAM involving the Silvio's bigger brother, the Vendetta.  I don't care what people ride, this story is inspiring.

Part 1

Part 2 - The Crash

Part 3 - The best comeback in RAAM history

It is kind of ugly, but I'd love to ride it all the same!

Speed Vagen road, new 2014 colours.

Breaking the rules, but one more pic:

Yes, the dropouts are amazing - but notice the colour matched hub, too.

28 more pics

one day soon.    

just posting this to keep the dream alive  

Whippet's Workshop sells Santa Cruz. They're in Stepney just off Magill Road.

Is that a 29 front wheel and a 26 rear or just the photo? Kind of like best of both worlds?

Such a nice rig. We have sold a few Tallboys @ Lifecycle. Jase our honcho mechanic has had one of each colour since they came out!


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