This discussion is for posting links to any droolworthy bikes that are worthy of N+1 status, as per Velominati rule #12.

Here is the rules :

  1. You get 1 picture to sum up everything that is droolworthy about the bike.
  2. You get 1 sentence to describe the bike. Just stick to the specs, let the bike do the talking.
  3. You can add 1 link to more info on the bike.

... and thats it, keep it simple.

Let the posting begin.

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Why ? ? ?

Looks good and it's useful for carrying stuff.

A bike that transforms in size (height and length). A small bike that might suit city commuting and storing.

That's ok, you walk and we'll ride by happily on whatever bike we choose.  We'll be sure to wave and give you a smile.

bought yesterday, being packed up for me, a few details will change (bartape, brake and gear levers), so I can ride some of Club Le Lugs more challenging rides.

I have an old school blue saddle that might work well with that. Got some fizik blue bartape as well if that works.  Will stick it in the shop for your next visit.

I love a good Gios. Sweet bike. Where did you find it?

Jon, I found it online. It needs to be sent.

Steve, I am yet to finalise the colour scheme for the saddle and tape. But it gives me a perfect opportunity to think about it over one of your excellent coffees. Weather permitting I might call in on Sun. The penny farthing group have a ride starting at Glenelg on Sunday and I might bring the Bullock down and ride with them.

the Professional was built from the early 1980s. More when it arrives. 

Only one classic? There is a compelling case to experience the evolution of bikes. I have bikes from the 1930s, 1940s, 1970s, 1980s and a recent carbon. This is a N+1 thread.

It's odd. 

I got into cycling in the 90's, so I really should be into things like the classic Colnago Mapei.

Yet it just doesn't do anything for me.

I lusted after Merlins back then, and I think that is the one thing that has influenced what bikes I like now. 

Generally, though, I like modern bikes. I think it's a form-follows-function thing: something like a S-Works carbon road bike is a much more effective than the Colnago shown above and I like it more. 

I love the Surly LHT. It's just about the perfect bike for what it does. I wouldn't say it's beautiful, but it has a functional appearance that I like.

OTOH, I have enjoyed restoring the Dawes Galaxy I found by the side of the road. I think it loosk good too - but maybe that's just because I like the colour scheme (British Racing Green, white logos + (mostly) Silver works)

Full on touring bike from an Australian company



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