Well, I arrived in town to a borrowed bike that my girlfriend's cousin generously lent me. We've been whizzing about town on our various missions - to the markets and to Norwood on business and just seeing the sights. Last night (Friday) we rode to town to meet her family for dinner and then headed back north through the city center and down King William hill towards the bridge. The soccer match was letting out and that wide footpath was packed full of pedestrians so we were on the road. My girlfriend was leading the way and as we were passing the parked cars in front of the Festival Center one of them suddenly opened his door WIDE into traffic. She yelped and barely managed to swerve around him but I had to either run into him and the door, swerve into the path of the car right behind me, or slam on the brakes - I choose the brakes and went over the bars hitting the deck with palms and knees.  A passerby lept into action helping me to the side of the road and insisting we get the embarrassed and apologetic lad's details and offered his name and number as a witness as well as pointing out - several times - just how close I was to being struck by the car following me... In the end I sustained only minor scrapes on both knees, a stiff inside tendon behind my left knee, a scuff on the back of my hand and a sore, stiff left pectoral. My cycling gloves did their job and saved my palms from any tearing as they hit the pavement. No damage to the borrowed bike at all - whew.  A little sore this morning so won't be riding for a day or two but will be back in the saddle soon and am sure we can still get to the Morialta crags for some rock climbing as planned. Could have been heaps worse - Happy I'm not spending my holiday in hospital or even worse... Never had a door opened on me like that but know it's a classic and always fear passing parked cars for that very reason.

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It's my greatest fear, getting "doored". Glad to see that you escaped relatively unharmed.
I feel your pain! i got "doored" last month and went for a ride this am on MY bike after a month in the bike shop . ....Beautiful day for a ride ... I am free again!!
First one always sucks, got knocked off for the first time in 30 years of riding late last year.
I guess that makes you a real Adelaide rider now - glad the damage wasn't worse! You always have to assume that any car door could open and leave room for it, unfortunately.
Hi Konadog. How long are you in town? Keep an eye on the Events and you may meet some of the Adelaide Cyclists. One of the events is on next Tuesday evening to hear world expert Prof Fred Wegman talk on road safety. He is from The Netherlands, so not surprisingly supports safer cycling.

See, we haven't been kidding you about our drivers :)


Glad  you're not too badly hurt. Considered the possible consequences of just running straight into him and using him as an airbag? Probably not a good choice, but if you let a fertile imagination play with it a bit, you might start feeling a little less pain.

Never fun to get a door opened into ones passage through space and time, can really put a downer on the whole trip - the last time it happened to me was on Grenfell Street when a f***wit passenger opened his door straight in front of me when the car he was in was caught in the inevitable snarl up that happens on this joke of a street - however, for some reason that day I turned into 'super cyclist', dodged the open door and deftly closed it again (perhaps with some gentle force) on the guys alighted leg - all without breaking a pace or saying anything. Did not even look back - just kept moving. Think he might have got the message.....
Thanks for the good energy everyone.  I still have a really sore pec - must have torn a muscle - but over all am doing great. Off for a few days camping in the Flinders and then will be back and up for more cycling in the fray of the city! Thanks for the head up on events Heather, I'll be sure to have a look when we get back from this trip :-)

I'll second that.

It's also a lot safer than cycling within Adelaide!

Thanks for the heads up. We were right there and looking for the crags at Moonaire but the directions we had missed the bit about the fence-line trail and so we ended up doing the Arkaroo loop and saw the sights there. We were pretty tiered from a hike up one of the Wilpena Pound peaks the day before and ended up going back there and doing an easy walk into the Pound. Would have liked to do some climbing but I really enjoyed seeing the Pound and heaps of wildlife. On the way home we stopped and friend's spread near Mount Mary and swam in a billabong that appears only rarely. Still hoping to do some climbing at Morialta (sp?) before I head home at the end of the month. Rode into town to see a couple of fringe shows last night and made it home unscathed, though I was extra wary! My girlfriend did get a flat though.  Were going to go back to town tonight for the parade but it's raining cats and dogs... makes me feel right at home the rain does :P

Thanks again everyone :-)


Were going to go back to town tonight for the parade but it's raining cats and dogs... makes me feel right at home the rain does :P

Good decision they cancelled it.




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