Just started out with the new road bike.

Had a very enjoyable first few rides up and down the coast, (I live at west beach).

Went out today for a quick circuit that had me going through Glenelg. I've gone to right turn off of Jetty road, Then it happened. I got my wheel caught in the tram tracks at 30kph+ and hit the deck like a tonne of bricks. Before the crash, I had actually factored this in and had thought I had the correct measures in place not to do exactly what I did. But no. It happened and it happened in a spectacular blaze of glory, water bottle, tool kit, lights went everywhere.

But I got up and thought... hey, that didn't hurt nearly as much as I had expected it to, I knew the first crash was inevitable and was expecting a clip stack or something of the sort, I certainly didn't expect to come off at that speed. What hurt more was the embarrassment of 50 something people looking on from the cafe on the corner, including a few cyclists. I knew this was a real newbie way to crash.

I got up and moved my bike to the footpath to check for any issues, breaks were a little out of place but other than that. It looked okay. I got on my bike and hesitantly started riding home, as soon as I took off, god decided it was a good idea to heap a bunch of water down on me too, the water contacting my injuries and the huge adrenalin rush wearing off had caused me to feel physical pain, I was bleeding quite profusely from my elbow and knee by the time I had got home I had a stained top and noticed I had ripped shorts.

But none of this mattered. I stood at home my girlfriend said "you look like a drowned rat" but all I could think of was how I felt the complete opposite.

I felt alive.

I love cycling.

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Have added to group Look For Cyclists at

Nick, you are not the only one.
Tram line warning. On average two people per week are operated on due to accidents along the Glenelg tram tracks. From Bike SA Enews of 19-Jun-2012 –

:) Glad u are OK. Happens to everyone, at least one embarrassing stack. The tram lines are notorious. Back on the bike, rubber side down next time, and enjoy. See you on the road.

yeah when im on my roadie, im totally paranoid about the train track crossings, and the tramlines along jetty road (and southern end of king william) haven't had an incident to date, but I definitely think riding along jetty road would be generally ill-advised

Well yes. it was only maybe 30 metres down jetty road before the turn off and I thought I could make that. But no. obviously not. I'm just happy I'm okay and keen as beans to get back on!

Oh, sorry to hear that. I've got to cross them in the morning to get to La Musette to meet for the Le Club Lug ride in the morning and after staying up to watch the Tour of Flanders tonight and not having any coffee before that time I am going to be paranoid!

Good story thanks for sharing it ! The tram tracks are dangerous anyone can come off on them.

Same thing happened to my friend on same location but luckily it was not moving as fast as you.

Anyway check your wheels if you need another truing and......if you are riding entry level road bike, upgrade your brake pad is always a good idea.
I got my first crash because my brakes doesn't really stop my bike (and my brake pad brand was "surestop"...oh...the irony).
I changed it to duraace brake pad and it is awesome....

and....avoid tram track on road bike.

The interesting thing was, that I was trying to get as perpendicular to the tracks as possible. Clearly I was no where near where I thought I was and it that was that. I have 105 brakes which are actually really quite nice  to use so I don't think I'll be upgrading them for a while. This was just one where it was to fast to even think about brakes. Now just waiting to get back out there.


105 brakes is fine and will do the job.
Unlike mine which is coming from some generic brand.

Glad no major damage Nick. Were the tracks wet? Other scary one is the tracks under the overpass at Cross Rd/South Road. They run about 45 degrees to the the direction of travel so lining up is tricky!

Ive had my fair share of crashes in public. 

I'm glad you can have such a positive attitude to such a painful and embarassing experience.   About 15 months ago, my chin hit bitumen at about 25 km/h and I had an ambulance ride to hospital for several hours of X-rays, and tests, lots of bandages, blood-soaked clothes etc, then getting facial stitches several days later.  You're lucky the damage was not much worse - and that both you and the bike were both serviceable enough to ride home.  Don't buy a lottery ticket - I think you just used up your quota of luck for 2013.   Perhaps prangs like this leave us a bit wiser though....?   


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