This morning I had my first one-man crash. Braked too hard, skidded, and fell.

In case they're on here, I just wanted to thank the two bloked who stopped and helped me put my chain back on. Bless them.

Got right back on the horse (so to speak), rode the rest of the 13km home, and arrived all in one piece.

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It's sad to hear about your injuries Katrina, I hope you heal up OK, keep your chin up and I'm sure it wont be long before you're out on your bike again

Thank you.  I am sad about it too.  Especially with all the great rides happening and fantastic riding weather at the moment...

So long since I've seen you Katrina, hope you will be well enough to join us on Easter Sunday, even if you can't ride you can join us at Henly Beach for refreshments.

Hi Clive, Thanks. I was reading Gus' post about that with interest, I think I will have to RSVP in the affirmative :-)

Sorry to hear about the issues you're going through

Between concussion, surgery, the painkillers & how much you actually use your shoulder area for balance it's no real surprise you're still having issues. I'd give yourself two or three months at the very least before you're looking to get back on the bike, ease yourself back in to exercise with walking & low exertion stuff first. In terms of usage & limitations at the moment there's no doubt still some inflammation in around the joint, which will mean that you'll feel weaker using that arm and won't be able to use it as well as you'd expect.

If the collar bone is a simple break & there's no other issues then riding again soon is reasonably possible as long as it can be supported and doesn't have to bear too much weight.

Thank you :-) You are right about the weakness - time is what it needs. Maybe going swimming will help.

Personally I'd say steer clear of strenuous loads on the shoulder until it's starting to feel like you can move it without discomfort. Pool based activities are awesome for leg injuries because the buoyancy from the water & your arms lessen the load on the injured area, swimming with an injured shoulder is going to put the majority of the strain of supporting & propelling your body on the injured section.

In terms of fitness I'd check with your physio (if you haven't got a regular ask the docs who treated you for a referral to one that specialises in rehab) about using an exercise bike, there's no impact & given their geometry you're more likely to be able to use it without having to put too much weight through the injured shoulder. For your shoulder I'd look to range of motion exercises as they can be as gentle or as strenuous as it can handle.

Biggest advice I'd give though is don't try to rush it & check any sort of exercise with your doctors/physio.

Actually I know of a couple of people that have used pool activity to recuperate from shoulder injuries as prescribed by their physio. Light aquarobics for resistence training can be very beneficial, depending on the precise nature of the injury even some swimming can be of help, one colleague was encouraged to use back stroke and was amazed how quickly she recovered, but ask your physio 1st and don't be afraid to ask about any treatments or exercise you have heard of after all you're far more likely to exercise more regularly if you're actually enjoying your exercise programme.

Thank you for that advice. I hadn't thought that swimming could put strain on the shoulder - that makes good sense. I was just imagining swimming to be good for practically anything : -)

Oh Dear, Katrina, Sorry to hear. Mend well. 

Thank you :-)

Sorry to hear about your fall Katrina, sounds scary, hope you are feeling better soon!


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