This morning I had my first one-man crash. Braked too hard, skidded, and fell.

In case they're on here, I just wanted to thank the two bloked who stopped and helped me put my chain back on. Bless them.

Got right back on the horse (so to speak), rode the rest of the 13km home, and arrived all in one piece.

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Glad you're ok. Any bruises or scrapes to show off? (I'm still covered in scabs after hitting the tarmac last friday)

Puffy lip, quite a few bruises, and a cut on my arm. The right side of my face looks like I've slept on creased sheets, too.

I was quite lucky I only faceplanted on the grass. I think I missed a stobie pole by about half a foot.

.....if its got wheels it going to give you trouble.......(glad to hear you got right back on)

Glad nothing serious happened to you.  I did a similar thing riding home in the rain on wednesday afternoon and ended up losing a bit of skin on an elbow and a knee

Glad to hear you're OK, was this on the new bike?

Oh, dear, the new bike might be scratched.

Bike looks quite fine. The chain came off one cog, and the handlebars twisted around a bit. I think the front wheel reflector is loose, too.

Apart from that, it pretty much landed on grass, so it looks all fine. No bends, at least.

Keep landing on grass its softer than concrete/asphalt

I'll definitely do my best :p

You are so lucky that you could get back on your bike!

My "up close and personal" contact with the blacktop happened on the Seacliff Esplanade roundabout 3 weeks ago - a little too fast into the roundabout (due to car harassment) and hidden sand on the surface caused the back wheel to slide out.  No getting back on the horse for me - I had to ride in the ambulance and spent three days in hospital on morphine and other nasty things.  A cracked helmet, concussion, broken bones, now patched up with plates and screws and things. There will be no bicycle riding for me for a long time.  :-(

Initial diagnosis for bicycle is that it is OK as it was cushioned and protected by my body.

Sorry to hear that, i feel your pain, i came off late last year at aprox 45kmh and broke my right collar bone. I thought i was going to be off the bike for ages, well , i was meant to be, but it gets rather boring sitting at home doing nothing and i couldnt help myself i had to get back out after about 3 weeks. 

That's amazing!  3 weeks!!!  You did really well to get back on the bike so soon!

I am gobsmacked to hear how many riders (notably males) are able to get up and keep going with things after the big fall, with a broken collar bone.  One guy, after a horse accident on a station, drove 500kms to a hospital.  Others picked up their bikes and put them in their vehicles and drove to the hospitals or doctors.

Yep, the pain!  I broke my shoulder bone to bits and mangled the collar bone (that's why they put the hardware in).   My right arm (and I am right handed) is so weak now, and I can't lift it above my head or reach it forward.  The dizziness is the thing that plagues me now.  I wonder why that is - maybe the result of concussion?

I really want to get back to riding, but I am scared now because of having this plate in and what that could do if I repeat history.  Not only that, I have to hold onto walls, doors and furniture to avoid falling over, so how would I go on the bike?


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