G'day all,

On Sun 4 March 2018 I was unfortunately knocked off my bike by a car. Apart from bruising I myself am ok, but the carbon frame needed replacing, and the driver denies all responsibility and I am taking him to court.

His version of the event is incompatible with my version, and a magistrate will probably have to go by the most likely scenario.

In case that magistrate is not a cyclist I have created a short survey and would greatly appreciate if you could respond, to provide statistical evidence on what version is more likely.

 It is one question only, but may require that you watch two short videos (each around 25 seconds).

In order to keep this survey unbiased, please note how I am not giving away my version.

Many thanks


P.S.: In the very unlikely case that someone from this forum saw the accident, please yell out!


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I know which one I do on a reasonably regular basis.


Hope you win. I've been through a crash with a driver. Thankfully my insurance covered me and they went after the driver to recover their money. She still maintains it was my fault despite being charged by the police, MAC accepting liability and her actually writing a letter to my insurance company outlining how it was my fault which actually pointed out she was at fault.

Done - may common sense prevail!

Thanks everyone who participated in the survey.

96% of us would ride on the road - as did I on the day of accident.

To the 4% who would ride on the footpath (at 20km/h!!!): Really???

I'd be very concerned of anyone coming out of those shops and stepping right into my way.


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