Mutual Community Challenge of TDU with drivers behaving badly

During TDU I spoke to many cyclists while collecting a petition to keep bicycle lanes.

Nearing Goolwa there was a T-junction where the cyclists continued straight ahead. The usual route to Hindmarsh Island was closed, and drivers
were redirected to a right hand turn at this T-junction.

There were many near misses as impatient drivers ‘failed to stand’ and ‘failed to give way when turning’. Unfortunately three (or more?)
cyclists were hit in separate collisions, including a written-off
bike, a cyclist thrown over a car, and a hit-run. A witness phoned
the police who declined to attend and marshal the intersection. The
police were more helpful for drivers leaving Willunga on Saturday,
when even an hour after the event, there were police marshals at two

Can anyone add to my two witnesses? I will be discussing this with SAPOL & TDU to avoid a repeat next year.

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