I did my first trainer ride in a while the other day. 

Who has some good playlists to suffer to? Or even songs which work well.

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Hence wujim? 

If you want to beat out a good steady tempo, then do what my son tried one year for Pedal Prix: a recording of Scotland the Brave on bagpipes.  He tried it, but didn't go with any "pump" music in the end, because cycling is such that it is rare to be able to keep a completely steady tempo.

I'd cycle faster trying to get away from bagpipes! ;-)

Anyone remember the guy who use to play the bagpipes on greenhill road. he used to be in the cut out on the right hand side as you are going up a bit before the turn off to the summit. Would have been early mid 90s.

I twat-waffled on this exact topic a while ago.

I conjecture BPM somewhere between your cadence and your heart rate?

And if you can't be arsed thinking about it yourself - there is always an app (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/beatburn-indoor-cycling/id514476879...). So i2012!!

Rock & Roll!

Ministry of sound..every time....anything with a driving beat...saying that any early Oasis does the trick on the trainer too !!!

try some Ramones or Dragonforce

Anything Alexisonfire.

Their intros and verses are usually quite heavy and then the chorus will break into something more melodic meaning you dial up the cadence and then spin down a little, and repeat. 

Tried Daft Punk the other day, thats good too. Has to be something heavy or disco beat for me.

Thanks everyone, this has given me some good ideas.

I'd love to do a sufferfest-style trainer video with a soundtrack something like this:


Seven Nation Army, the White Stripes

Whatever You Like - T.I

Time to work...

Kings - Tall Animals (yeah, we're doing a corny sports movie. Try Don't stop Believin' or Hit Me With Your Best Shot or Hall of Fame or Holy Grail instead)

99 Problems - JAY-Z

Hey Boy Hey Girl - The Chemical Brothers (high cadence)

Kyoto - Skrillex (keep the high cadence, but everytime the song says "drop it hard" go to a harder gear)

What do I Know About Pain - Gyroscope (Indeed. Even has workout instructions: "Jam it up a gear as I got to get away...")

Celebrity Skin - Hole

Lose Yourself - Eminem

Sympathy For The Devil - The Rolling Stones

Dance, Dance - Fall Out Boy (Instructions for the double Alpe du Huez stage this year: Dance Dance)

The River - Good Charlotte

'Till I Collapse - Eminem (5th interval in a 5x5 set. The lyrics are perfect: "Sometimes you just feel tight, feel weak..." http://rapgenius.com/Eminem-till-i-collapse-lyrics)

I Made it - Kevin Rudolf

Recovery/cool down

Broken Leg - Bluejuice (How you should feel afterwards "walking around on broken legs")

Requiem For a Dream (turn the volume up), or a remixed version:

French Navy Pilots video - just add your favorite music and watch this on the bigscreen whilst you are on the trainer. Nuts !


If you like jets playing chasey though mountain passes, then you dont even need music :



For music I like it fast and Euro ... all the way.

There is just tonnes of the stuff. Download, tweak, mix, mash it up.

Something light and cheerful for a Warmup / Warmdown :


(this is part of a very cool playlist of around 50 videos of cold war era jets, set to music)


Progressive, repetitive and cyclic .... for a sustained climb ? 




Darker, for when the real suffering cannot be avoided :



Fast Sprint   ????  :)


Some of that 'doof, doof' stuff would give me a headache :)


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