The rain has obviously cleared because there were groups of riders everywhere this morning including 15 for the Muddies ride to McLaren Vale via Blewitt Springs. I didn't make the Rimini start thanks to a new tube that wouldn't hold air, then a new chain and cassette that didn't like each other. Should have test ridden them yesterday, I suppose. A few tweaks of the RD on the way to New India sorted out the chain problems before the ride started in earnest.

New India 

The first climb was up Flagstaff Rd, made much easier thanks to a tailwind, as we turned into Blacks Rd we had the only mechanical for the day.

Matt should buy a pump

Hurry up Matt

Climb number 2 was Humpty Hill, some good times up there today with a favourable wind and plenty of wheels to chase. A nice cruise along Main Rd and down the awesome Clarendon Rd descent to Clarendon where we picked up Michelle and Colin.


Leigh on his first Muddies ride

Sam (in black) on his first ride. 

A slight climb out of Clarendon then more fast descending through Douglas Gully and Blewitt Spring as we headed for coffee in McLaren Vale. The ride back was made a touch harder with a headwind and with riders peeling off at various points to head home there weren't many places to hide in the pack :( for the hardy few who made it back to Rimini for coffee #2.

Ride distance  70 km (ish)

Climbing  960m (ish)

Ave speed  24 kph

Spontaneous air leaks 1  ( can't use the P word as Boz found out mid week)

Grin factor 9

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Foss Tubes


ticked off a couple more firsts.  up flagstaff and blacks rd, then up main rd.  nice ride today.  it was a touch windy heading home.  just doesn't seem right exerting that much energy to maintain 20odd km/h on the flat.  

Great ride, thanks Pat!! was nice to meet some new people & ride some different roads. Im feeling it now though, legs are alright, just feel a bit exhausted

Howdy you are well. Agree with your grin factor rating.....glad you all had a great ride. Excellent conditions up north also this morning...just so nice to be out on the bike on a day like today. Well done on your ride report as well mate.

Cheers, from your Gawler Wheelers northern cousins .


Agree mate. Cycling continues to take a battering because of a few. The vast majority of us love cycling for what it is...a wonderful way to stay fit, see the country side, relax, enjoy the company of others who ride with you, spend money ! etc etc etc etc

(PS Patrick...I have just posted a very positive video clip on the Gawler Wheeler ride report (Sirens) that you may appreciate)

Beer & IKEA - makes understanding IKEA instructions easier

and maybe even some rain to complete the picture.

Great ride today guys, toughest for a while, with the northerly all the way back. Some nice little hilly sprint intervals to keep it interesting too. Might just slip into some medicinal red now !

Great route as always. Pat knows all the good roads to ride thanks to all
Great ride today, legs weren't really working this morning. Not been round there in a while.
Nice ride out today Pat, but we really need to show Matt how to get air into an inner tube :-)


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