Does anyone know what's happening about the MTB between Goodwood and King Will?

I've seen surveyors there last week and there's been no maintenance for at least 6 months.

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I'm assuming that they're dealing with the space between the new fence nearest the line and the old one. Once all the features have been logged they should be able to come up with an accurate plan for a better path.

It was mentioned on ABC Radio last month that DPTI is going to fix the paving and then leave it to Unley Council to repair from then on. The path was originally built by DPTI but on Unley land. They disputed who was responsible to fix it.

I think the surveyors were marking the boundary between the path (owned by Unley) and the tramline (DPTI). 

Thanks for the update.

I have checked with Unley council and so far they have no idea what is going on with the path??

If it was a main road it would have been fixed about 5 years ago . 

I have the update from the council and yes talks are in progress but nothing has been agreed yet.

and the surveyors that were onsite were only there for the tram line.

DPTI is finally going to repave (or at least fix) the bikeway!


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