MTB ride around Mt Crawford, Wirra Wirra Peaks and Old Glen Gillian rd

Lovely MTB ride a few weeks ago. Starting from Mt Crawford Forest HQ. Rode around Little Mt Crawford from the south and, perhaps illegally, crossed some land to get to Police Paddock rd which takes you thru Mt Crawford again via the Gap. Council maps web page shows a public access rd from the forest leading to the intersection of Tungali and Polic Paddock rd.  Couldnt find a visible track and had to walk the rutted overgrown paddocks and climb over some gates. Will avoid next time and do alternative route.

Back Onto Mount Rd and up the lovely fire tracks thru Wirra Wirra peaks. Various tracks to use, but all have steep sections leading along the first peak. Lucky to have my map to find the less steep parts.

Onto Blockers rd for a hard slog on the Heysen trail linking up to Ross Fire track. Had to walk a fair bit of this section. Down Old Glen Gillian rd for a great downhill run. Luckily all the gates were open.

On to the main rd. Turn up Manser rd , into Forest following Fry road leading back to Mt Crawford Forest HQ. Probably avoid the Blockers rd bit next time.

Thankfully it wasnt too hot.  Lovely diverse scenery.  Approx 3.5 hours allowing for some photo breaks and munchies.

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Thanks for this. I'm going to map it out on Ride With Gps and try and have a go too.

Hi Gus

Recommend you avoid trying to find the public access route to Police Paddock/Tungali rd. Unless you'r a bit adventurous. PS dont get confused by taking a well defined dirt road heading NE. It leads to Tungali rd, but its a dead end and onto private property.

Probably better off just following the track along the pine forest on the east side.

Turn 90 degress left and then another 90 degress due north until you hit the para river (creek) Tracks on either side of the river. Both tracks heading west lead back to Mt Road, or you might want to take a longer scneic route and head east along Police Paddock rd (follow the signs) and and turn north onto Tungali rd which joins onto Cowell rd and Mawson trail

After MT road I turned left onto the main road for a few minutes for a nice scenic ride to Ebony Park on the right hand side. Took the fire trail there to Wirra Wirra. But there are two more trails on the right hand side you can take before Ebony park

One could check out road reserves using NatureMaps.

Yep. Did use both Nature Maps and Council Maps - both of which are brilliant help. Both show the public road.  But on the ground there's no evidence of clearly marked path.  However, I forgot to mention, my car GPS does show all the small and hidden public access routes. I shouldve taken it with me and guide me thru the paddocks

I used to enjoy the Track & Trail rides put on by Bike SA quite a few years ago around these areas.

Will be doing a another ride tomorrow on Sunday down south. Meeting at Kiutpo HQ and MTBing to Prospect hill..along the dirt roads to Mt Magnificent, back up blackfellows rd and back into Kiutpo either via Keyeema forest or up Brookman/Connor rd. Meeting at 11.45am. Approx 3 to 3.5 hours.


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