Saturday was an excellent day for a ride through the hills. Moderate winds, blasts of sunshine and good surface conditions.  Three of us did a 4 hour 50 min bike ride including 30 mins breaks. This time was able to have a GPS . Yay

Unfortunately we didnt  have enough time to stop at Grand Cru estate for food and wine. Which would have topped it off. This would make a nice stop over for a future long gravel grand fondo.

Approx 95% off road and rest on main rd.  Great gravel grinding.


Mt pleasant

Up Glen Devon rd until you reach main rd

Turn left on main rd

Turn left on Tungali

Turn right at Police Paddock rd

Through the gap

Turn right on Wirra Wirra rd, head to main road and keep going staight

OPTION at main rd intersection we went over the fence on the left and followed the Heysen through Wirra Wirra peaks. My colleague  was able to ride up the steep bits (puffed out of course). Followed the nice fire trails around the peaks and looped around to head down a nice fire track down to Blockers rd and back to Wirra Wirra road

Turn right Corryton Rd

Turn left on High Eden road for amazing views and descent to Craneford rd

OPTION. We turned right on Craneford and did a small but hard loop on Cranes Range rd , Bartschs rd and Basil Roeslers rd taking us back to Craneford rd.  Probably wouldn't do this side loop again in future

Up Craneford rd, warning: at intersection, head along Martins Rd (named E Starrick Rd on the road sign)

Head straight up Laubes Rd

Follow the road to Grand Cru Estate Winery

Turn right at R Dewells Rd

Left on McBeans Range rd for nice downhill descent to Glen Devon Rd

Turn left at Glen Devon

Back to Mt Pleasant

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Great ride again. I've really got to get out and see these roads.


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