For those that climb Mt Lofty often, have you ever climb that final section steep section where cars fly past at 80km/h and you look down at that wide emergency lane (with the uneven rocks) and wondered why cant I ride there safely while fighting the ascension.

I have written to the council and the DPTI, to see if the Rough Stopping rocks could be replace with a smoother surface so climbing Mt Lofty is safer.

If you know of anyother dept else that could help let me know, or copy my text below and summit your own.

Mount Lofty Summit Road. between Pottery Drive and Summer Hill Drive.


The section (described above) of Mount Lofty Summit Road is a long ascent that cyclists are forced to use after exit the Mt Barker Bikeway, the emergency stopping lane of this section of road is paved with uneven rocks that make cycling on impossible so cyclists are force to ride on the road. a cyclists average speed here is 10-16kmh and cars are 80kmh.  If this side lane was paved in a smooth paving it would be considerably safer for both cyclists and cars as Cars (not wanting to reduce their speed on the ascent ) will cross the double white lines to maintain a 1.5m clearance.

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I do understand your desire for a smoothly paved ascent even though it doesn't really bother me as a MTBer. I use the road that runs from the end of the bikeway (Shurdington Rd) that takes you 3/4 the way up the 80km/h section and is almost traffic free. Much nicer than huffing traffic fumes.

Its a shame those side streets don't go all the way to the top of the hill.

It's a good thing that I like trails then, Cleland has some lovely gravel bits to get all the way to the summit on. They even feature on Google Maps now, something that I hadn't noticed before today :-)


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