I'm keen to start a BUG up here in Mount Barker, for anyone who rides, lives, works, or visits up this way. 

Please reply or PM me if you're interested in being involved.



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Hi Dave,   Don't know if you've had any interest in your Mt Barker BUG proposal but I'd encourage you to be persistent with the idea. As I'm sure you will be aware, a very effective and very credible BUG can consist of just 2-3 interested people! One thing - I've just recently 'discovered' facebook (actually 'come to terms with facebook' might be a better way of putting it) and understood some of its communication and information-sharing potential. You can get a feel for this potential by checking out Active Transport Adelaide, a facebook group started about 3 weeks ago. This group now has 112 members, many who live in the City and CBD, who are actively posting, sharing and learning from each other. Of course a facebook group is not a BUG. It doesn't have all of the capacities - for the on-the-ground surveying, for prioritisation and strategy development, for planning and writing proposals and for campaigning and holding Councils and Government to account - that a BUG needs. But a f/b group does seem to have useful potential in the process of developing and running a BUG, so I'd encourage you to consider setting one up. It's pretty easy and straightforward - much easier than a web site!

Sam, PortBUG. 

Cheers Sam, I've found a Mount Barker Cycling facebook group already running up here, I'll gauge the interest through that. Dave

Dave, it is actually easy to set up a webpage on Adelaide Cyclists forum.
Currently 67 groups and several are BUGs.

Thanks Heather, I'll keep that in mind once we get going. Dave

Hello Heather,

If we set up a group webpage on Adelaide Cyclists can members set it up so they receive an email when a discussion or reply is posted?


Dave, I replied to your private msg before I saw your public post.

Well our BUG is up and running and we've piggy-backed onto an existing facebook forum Mount Barker Cycling. MBC. for discussions. Thanks to Brian from BISA and Sam from PortBUG for advice in setting us up.


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