Has anyone else found Motorbike riders signalling to cyclists to ride on the left at all times?

I keep left when riding but when my speed increases above 50km/h (descending in adel hills) I ride more in the centre of the lane. but over the Easter weekend I had multiple Motorbike riders doing a twirling thing with their hands signalling to ride on the shoulder.

I even had one overtake and then slow down in front on me and yell to ride on the left while we were descending at 65+ km/h.

Is there some memo I missed out on?

Has anyone else been getting this?

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The only reason I can think is this: with fewer cars on the road - and perhaps a few more cyclists - motorcyclists are now more less likely to be held up by cars as they go downhill, so more likely to catch up with cyclists.

If you are satisfied that you are riding legally and safely (and it sounds like you are), ignore them.


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