MotherLoad - coming to a Bike-Film-Festival near you!

Stop Press: Readers may know of the Adelaide Longbike, developed locally by Ian Grayson and Bruce Steer in the 1980s. I've been bit of an enthusiast about it ever since seeing a tiny picture of one in the UK's Bike Culture Quarterly in the early '90s. Ian and Bruce were really pioneers of the 'long bike' concept world wide and their idea was subsequently taken up by XtraCycle, Yuba and many others!

Well 3 or 4 years ago I was contacted by US film maker Liz Canning who wanted to track Ian and Bruce down seeking images and maybe a bit of a story (and some contemporary film footage) for a feature-length, crowd-sourced doco she was making about cargo-bike culture in the USA.

We sent her a heap of photos and stories from the Ian/Bruce archives and several hours of footage shot with local film-maker Marty McNicol.

NOW - it appears that 'MotherLoad' - the film is about to premier in the USA. As soon as it does we'll try to have it screened locally. I've watched a pre-release version and it's very (very!) exciting and inspiring!

You can read a bit about the Adelaide LongBike at the PortBUG web site:…/the-adelaide-longbike-an-earlier-c…/

Also check out Liz's site at the link below.

AND - if there's anyone out there skilled in such matters, I want to talk to you about maybe having an Australian premier/film event here in Adelaide!

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Ooo, I would love to see this film! I don't have a cargo bike yet, but I will be looking very closely into getting one once the need arises. Even my wife seems to be ok with the idea!

Bloody good stuff!

Thanks Dave,  Unfortunately festival entries closed today! It would be great to show the film here as it features the Adelaide Longbike and its creators Ian and Bruce quite a lot with some beautiful footage shot locally here in Adelaide on the bike path along the banks of the Torrens as well as in the Central Market! I'm thinking that when it becomes available we might be able to show it at a 'Cargo Bike Convergence' one summer evening...

Ahh - yes! I missed your reference to next year! I think because the producer had indicated that it may be released in the USA well before then and I was thinking about a local showing before Christmas sometime. But the 2019 film festival makes a lot of sense. 

Incidentally, for those who weren't around at the time, here's the picture that started this involvement with Mother Load off - apparently it's the one that grabbed the Director's attention! From the front page of the Advertiser, Dec. 8th, 1988 under the headline, ‘At Last – a Bicycle Built for Three’. More here.


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