Came down Montacute Road yesterday with a group and we all noticed the surface was covered (sprinkled) with very fine gravel . I read that there had recently been some road works up there .  Just take care when descending . Go a bit slower than usual ! 

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Peter, you can report to DPTI hazard on 1800 018 313 phone 24-hr.


re Montacute Road.

First time posting here, and have delayed for awhile pending information.

On April 25th, ANZAC Day, one of our group whilst decending hit the gravel and went over guard rail, at 906 Montacute Road.

After the attendance of 2 Ambulance crews, he was taken to the RAH,

C7 was fractured and he spent 5 days checking out the new RAH due to a C7 fracture. Special thanks to the paramedics and also to the unknown cyclists who also assisted us.

At the RAH another cyclist was awaiting treatment, who also came off on Montacute Road (we do not have further details)

Helmet cam recording, watch from 3:00 minute mark,

From the footage another skid mark in the gravel is also visible at the same location. Was this from the other cyclist?

The loose gravel was reported to the Adelaide Hills Council on Thursday 26th, with a Job number reference.

However, other cyclists were still reporting "gravel" on the road.

Thursday 31st May, I rechecked with the council, and the gravel had been vacuumed after my report, and they would re-investigate.

I later received a call from the contractor and as it a "spray pave" re-seal, it is common for bits of gravel to break loose for some time. The contractor and the council were going to attend on site Monday 4th June. I have not had any communication as yet.

However, during general "cyclist" discussion, there have been several reports of "a cyclist came off descending Montacute"

I/we would be interested to have actual confirmations of incidents since the re-sealing, e.g location and injury.


Cyclists have been crashing on Montacute rd for as long as Montacute rd has been there...

Having said that I had concerns from day 1 after the new gravel was layed. I rang the council and told them it was an accident waiting to happen and they said they'd send a contractor back to sweep it (which they did) however given the nature of the spray seal, there are always small patches of gravel and usually not in the same place twice. I love that descent but crawl down there loke a grandpa now, just not worth the risk.

Not sure if you can hit up the AH Council for damages after they were warned. I guess they could say you weren't riding to the conditions, but given the lack of warning signs, and the gravel isn't obvious you may have something.

edit: just looked at your photos, I reckon a few hundred people must have crashed there over the years (myself included except about 10m further around) and some quite badly hurt.

After wayching the video, kinda looked like the cyclist was going way to fast for that tight right hander and took a horrible line into it, not sure if the proximity of the other cyclost in the video had anything to do with it at all? But the gravel makes it hard to correct your line with any confidence.

Yea I live there - what they've done to that section is pretty bad for riding on. Maybe it's better for the cars but yea as a cyclist it's crappy. That right hander gets a lot of motorists as well, either cutting the corner and meeting someone head on or understeering in to the barrier. It use to be nice and smooth and now we have to get use to an unstable surface :(

Came down this morning, from Marble Hill, turned off to head down the Corkscrew to the Mawson Trail.

The 'slippery Rd' signage is poor. There were 2 signs out, one either side of the rd, but pretty much in the apex of the left hand corner at the Corkscrew junction, they don't face oncoming traffic square on either. Could easily be placed 50m further uphill so they are clearly visible well before approaching that corner.

On Montacute Rd, It's worth noting that there is loose gravel further up too, from just above that 'tight, off camber right-hander' down to the cemetery. 4 clear clear lines where car tyres go and gravel everywhere else.

And on the gravel hazards....there's also a nasty pile of gravel in one of the dark shadowy sections of Corkscrew, between valley Rd and the bridge, coming down from Montacute. Nice and fast thru there otherwise.

all 3 have been reported to AHC.


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