Today's Sunday Mail (25/10/2015) on page 7 refers to cyclists not using bike lanes.

The article has a photo with it with a caption

“BRAKING THE LAW: Cyclist ride outside the bike lane along Military road Tennyson, yesterday morning”

While it would be difficult to tell the time from the photo it seems reasonable that for a Sunday paper yesterday would mean Saturday.

The only problem is that the sign in the photo clearly states the there is only a bike lane on weekdays in the morning and afternoon for a few hours.

So what law was being broken as there is no bike lane?

I suppose I would be accused of excessive optimism to hope for some sort of retraction and perhaps an information article explaining how bike lanes work (or in this case don't exist).

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Does anyone know why the original recommendation of having to leave 1 mtr outside of a cycle lane was changed?

or perhaps i just misread the citizens jury recommendations.  

I'm reasonably sure it's 1m/1.5m from the rightmost point of the cyclist regardless of the lane situation.

yeah it is now, 

 However i am almost certain that's not what the citizens jury asked for.. I was told that the 1 mtr rule was for roads that didn't contain a bike lane..   I may be wrong, i can't seem to find the link i read it on 

Perhaps the problem was the bits of road that have bike lanes that are barely a bike wide ?  It is going to be confusing for drivers though I think.

In the end the roads are like Bunnings. Sure there's a dedicated tool section but most of it is just normal.
Let's lighten up and show courtesy because there is a lot of goodwill as well.


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