A half dozen cyclists go into a bakery they visit every week,

They are breathing hard and thirsty. They order food and coffee upon returning to their table outside, next the entrance ...

A pretty young girl has sat down beside them ... and lit up a cigarette ...    

The cyclists discretely complain to the shift manager and the response is ..

"it's outside." -  and the manager walks away.

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roflmao - We ride on Sundays, often things are a bit shakey early on Sundays   ...

like the pretty girl .. when in a good mood she works at the bakery, She's our best shot at a barrista. Problem is she is supposed to make the coffee and handle the food not suck the durries.

There's always the Caltex servo as well lol

Under the SA Tobacco Products Regulation Act 1997, a place or area is only "enclosed" if it is fully enclosed or is at least partially covered by a ceiling and has walls such that the total area of the ceiling and wall surfaces exceeds 70 per cent of the total notional ceiling and wall area.

One option is to determine if the area is "enclosed".

Tobacco Control Unit, Drug and Alcohol Services South Australia, SA Health, phone 8274 3451, email tobacco.control@health.sa.gov.au

yeah, I was thinking the puncture fairy's buddy should order them some free signage


Pretty girl smoker is an oxymoron.

Smokers don't know which way the wind blows.

I must be grumpy.

I would think the smoke from the cigarette would be a good indication of what way the wind/breeze is blowing.

You would think so, yet way more than 50% of the time they choose to stand/sit  upwind of non smokers.

It is a pain in the bum and a pet hate of mine but isn't it just the universe way of saying don't stop keep riding!

A pretty young girl visits the same bakery every week. She has her morning coffee inside, then heads outside where she sits down to have a cigarette.


After sitting down and lighting up, a bunch of sweaty, smelly, heavy breathing cyclists take over the table beside her........

No problem at all! Just nice to view things from the other perspective every now and then :)


The pretty girl works for a neighbouring cafe. Her job is to chain-smoke at the bakery and annoy lots of people, so that they decide to take their business to her employer's place instead.


Sounds immensely frustrating to go outside, looking forward to a well earned rest, time to relax in the clean summer air only to find... A smoker.

While a change in the (smokers) behaviour is in no way guaranteed, it can be helpful to express your need clearly. Eg your need for clean air while resting and your feelings involved eg you were disappointed. Most reasonable smokers would realise what they are doing and either stop or move elsewhere.


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