A half dozen cyclists go into a bakery they visit every week,

They are breathing hard and thirsty. They order food and coffee upon returning to their table outside, next the entrance ...

A pretty young girl has sat down beside them ... and lit up a cigarette ...    

The cyclists discretely complain to the shift manager and the response is ..

"it's outside." -  and the manager walks away.

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Perhaps they should have surrounded her, and while sitting down all clasped their own hands behind their heads.  (Would not work if the smoker's sense of smell was severely compromised.)

I know you don't want to sound self-righteous, but to highlight your point, you do all go there every week and that should count for some input. I would have hoped the the manager might have said something along the lines of 'I take your point and I can't do much about it now but I'll look review what we do in the future'.

Perhaps a call or email in the week?

I was half way up Willunga Hill for TDU and someone lit one up. Couldn't believe that people would do it at what is essentially (albeit for a few hours of one day of the year) a sporting venue. Unbelievable. I know it's different to your cafe situation - perhaps she could've sat a bit further away from you guys out of courtesy more than anything.

Because a bunch of guys still dripping with sweat are showing what sort of courtesy to the other patrons?

When i was young I didn"t smoke & had to put up with smokers all the time, not many people rode bikes either.  At least now the times are changing in the right direction.  Now I am becoming more mainstream. All I need now is for Port Power to be the popular side in SA.

If it happens too often change cafe.  Our group went to a new Cafe this weekend (owners were away on holiday), was a pleasant change.

 yes smoking is awful but put it in context most of these cyclists were riding on i presume roads full of cars with carbon monoxide  wafting past them while they are doing max efforts  and breathing heavily is the act of smoking that bothered them or a concern for their health  if its the latter  then we should all think twice about riding amongst  exhaust emitting  cars because what we breathe in on highways is much worse especially diesel ie trucks buses   we have an image problem as it is now we are occupational health and safety we dont need to take this on as well

You had me at 'pretty young girl'..

An awkward one, but I would have thought the manager might have been a bit more tactful. A bit of info here - - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_smoking_bans_in_Australia

From memory that area outside the cafe must go fairly close to the definition of enclosed. Shade sail overhead, glass walls on three sides. Must be under 70% 'enclosed' though... Maybe that's why the shade sail stops short, to keep the area officially 'outdoors'.

You could try sitting inside, as close as possible to the counter, and make it a condition of Gully Grinders ride participation NOT to use deodorant on Sunday mornings. ;-)

Deodorant :-)

Yeah well I'm the guy who has fainted and puked at least once out there. that day the manager just said "you need to tell those young men to take it easy on you" LOL

BTW - Today, we just moved round the corner to the other smaller outside area. The disgruntled manager told one of the riders to put the chairs and table back in the "smoking area" when we were done.

I suppose they do put up with us too. We have had coffee inside last winter when completely dripping wet and the cleaning lady silently just mopped the floor each few minutes and put yellow wet floor hazard signs near the table.

I for one would be really happy to take our business elswere.
Billy Baxters is just a few yards away, & I'm sure the service couldn't be any worse.
Let's show our displeasure with our feet (ok, wheels)& give someone else our business.
McDonalds across the road seemed to accept us nicely over Xmas time when the bakery was closed. They need better bike parking though.


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