A half dozen cyclists go into a bakery they visit every week,

They are breathing hard and thirsty. They order food and coffee upon returning to their table outside, next the entrance ...

A pretty young girl has sat down beside them ... and lit up a cigarette ...    

The cyclists discretely complain to the shift manager and the response is ..

"it's outside." -  and the manager walks away.

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Christo, was going to say that it is years since I socialised with a smoker, because now mainly cycling friends. Then remembered that one of my cycling group smokes. Currently he cycles too fast to appreciate that eventually the smoking will damage his lungs.

I would have given her a talk about how smoking makes you lips look like a cats bum eventually. I would have just kept talking to her politely till she stopped smoking. 

I would have just told story after story. Read out some smoking info from your smart phone. Make it an assertive educational experience vs an aggressive one. 

I do this all the time. 

"wow you got a pretty face, pity its gonna get haggard before its time from cigarettes, if I had a face like that I wouldnt put a cigarette a mile from it..." "I knew a girl like you when I was your age, now her face looks like my cats ass after it got shaved at the vets for ring worm infection..."

So, talking to her about all the horrible things that will happen to her is going to help her quit? I doubt it. If all that grizzly imagery, information and shock tactics in the TV adverts and cigarette packets hasn't made her stop, then I can't see how a stranger giving her an unsolicited "assertive educational experience" outside a bakery will.

Smokers aren't complete ignoramuses who just need enlightened with a good talking to, they are simply addicted to a drug. It is their choice to smoke. The vast majority of smokers fully understand how bad it is for them but they are addicted and (for whatever reason) don't have the desire, interest, motivation, stength, encouragement etc. to give up.

I smoked for many years and only gave up three years ago when I took up cycling and it became clear that riding a bike up hills and tobacco were entirely incompatible. I was always a 'considerate smoker' but in the years before I quit I became increasingly accepting of my lepper status in society and would move well away from people when I smoked in public places. So, in the case of the "pretty young girl" (what difference does pretty make?), she may have had had every right to smoke in that spot but it was a bit inconsiderate of other patrons. In her position, I (and probably most smokers) would have accepted that I was the odd one out with the nasty habit and just wandered down the footpath away from people.

Haaave you met Harley? You think getting smokers to stop is hard.

Try getting him to stop talking about his campaigns!   ;P

I think they should hire schools full of smoking teachers. That'll teach impressionable teens how uncool smoking is.

Ha...fair enough. No I haven't met Harley (aside from saying g'day on the road a few times) but looking at his vids and comments here, clearly no one will ever die wondering about his opinions.


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