minor ride destinations if you're riding towards the Port

Just quietly, DPTI have copped a lot of social media flak over the last few months for two projects they completed recently, both of which either maintain or improve conditions for cyclists - and both of which have brought the predictable social media backlash of 'I never see anyone riding here', 'they don't pay rego' and 'why are we pandering to them?'.  Even though the impact on the projects on the average motorist is four fifths of bugger all. 

So, if you are going for a ride down that way, it would be a really positive image for cycling in Adelaide if we took the opportunity to ride each of the following:

* Port Road between the intersection with Old Port Road and Tapleys Hill Road (a very short segment with bike lanes surrounding), and

* Hart Street, between the Jervois Bridge and Military Road - with a separated bike lane on the southern side.

I reckon it'd be good to get the cycling numbers up along these two sections, if nothing else to shut some people up.


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