Quick survey... does anyone turn off the MTB at John St to go down Weller St? see attached image...

In 10 years of riding the MTB Ive never seen a cyclist turn off (down that extreme right hand ramp) to head south. and I have no idea why a cyclist would cross over King William only to cross back again, and travel on Weller St that has twice as many cars as the parallel st, Hardy St.

I don't understand why the Unley will spend money on this cycling infrastructure, and I plan to try and redirect their attention to more important routes unless I find cyclists that use this route.

If youre out there please let me know.

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It’s meant to be an alternative to King William Rd and Goodwood Rd. I’ve used it not in conjunction with the Mike Turtur Bikeway but going down Simpson Parade and across to the bike path along Glen Osmond Creek to Unley Rd or Porter St.

I sometimes use it on the trip home to Belair, to avoid the King W door zone run you get at rush hour. The crappy Cross Rd options are the bigger problem with that route tho.

"In 10 years of riding the MTB Ive never seen a cyclist turn off (down that extreme right hand ramp) to head south"

I go up and down that ramp almost every day! Admittedly it's because I live within a couple hundred meters.

Also I regularly use Weller St quite a bit to access different parts of my local area. I find it a pleasant street ride along and it joins up well with Wood St and Victoria Ave for a good run to access areas around Cross Roads. The traffic calming and cycling treatments of Wood St are excellent. I'm very comfortable riding along Weller/Wood with my 5 year old on his bike. Turning right onto Mitchell/Park St or Northgate St to access shops on Unley Road is fine for me, but not a good option when I'm with my son.

I don't find the traffic on Hardy St any less busy, plus it becomes a bottle neck around Soutar Park with cars parked on bot sides of the road. Motorists are very pushy around this section and many drive too fast considering it often ends up effectively being a single lane road with all the parked cars. It's even worse with cars turning onto/off Albert St, as they also often come around the corner too fast for the conditions.

Thanks for the update. I guess you'll benefit from the new cycling and traffic calming features that are coming.

agreed on your points with Hardy St, but most cyclists now ride in the middle of the road because true it is basically a one lane road and letting cars pass is only putting yourself in danger.

I'll probably now see hundreds doing that right hander...


you can have your say here if you want, and see the plans.

if they do improve the entrance to the MTB then maybe I'll have to change my route.

I use that route when riding home from Upper Sturt, Coro Valley etc, but not to head to Peacock Rd, but via Clark St to Sir Lewis Cohen Ave (Morphett St).

I've used Weller St when in the area for years, always using Simpson Parade though.  Most commonly I use Roberts St (after crossing Greenhill) and Hughes to get there, and occasionally either KW from Greenhill intersection, or from Charles Walk.  Weller is so-so, Wood St is good!  I then go via Heywood Park and Whistler into Denning to avoid the lights and cars.


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