Michael Warner's Funeral - Call for Pall Bearers and a Guard of Honour

Hi Everyone,
Michael's funeral will be held at Burnside City Uniting Church (formerly known as Tusmore Park Uniting Church), located on Barr Smith Avenue, Tusmore, on Wednesday March 30th at 12:00.  For those who wish to see Michael, viewing is 11:25 - 11:45 that morning.
Michaels family would also like all of Michaels cycling friends to share lunch with them in the adjacent hall after the funeral, where they would like to meet and get to know as many of us as possible.  The family have been overwhelmed by the support extended to the family by the cycling community and that they see we give to each other.
They would also love six of us to be pall bearers when the coffin is carried from the church to the hearse at the end of the lunch, and if there are sufficient of us that can stay, they would be delighted if we could form a guard of honour while the coffin is being carried.  Michael will be buried in his favourite gear, and they stress that as long as we are comfortable with the idea, they would prefer us in our gear (the church is carpeted for those concerned about cleats, but otherwise running shoes would do).
Where in a traditional 'Guard of Honour' the soldiers stand on either side, holding their rifles crossed over the path the coffin takes, we could (and again the emphasis is if we are comfortable with the idea) use our bikes, lined with us along the path (in discussing this with Michael's mother Pam, she expressed delight at the idea if we could do it).
This invitation is open to all of us, and I think from Tuesday night's turnout (the family were very touched to be there with us all), we could find the numbers to make this happen for Michael and his family.  There is of course the time commitment of staying till after the lunch.  To give a rough idea of time-frame, the funeral is expected to finish around 13:00 - 13:10, with lunch taking approximately an hour.  Therefore the pall bearers (and Guard of Honour if we have the numbers) would be needed around 14:00 - 14:30, from the church and shortly after at St Martin's Cemetery on the corner of Lower North East and Gorge Roads Paradise (although if we cannot make it there, the family will of course step in).

To quote Pam, "It depends how many of your friends/cyclists are willing and able to be there and do this for us. We would feel very privileged if it can be arranged".

Therefore, could every one who can do this, please let me know as soon as possible so that everything can be coordinated (and let me know re being in your gear, and wether your preference is pall bearer or 'Guard of Honour').
I may be contacted via davidb@abs-pl.com.au, or 0419 690 188.
Thanks all - let's try to make this as special and memorable an occasion as we can for the family in their deep grief at the loss of Michael.

David Burnett
' Tel. +61 (0)8 8370 9569, ÈMob. +61 (0)419 690 188,  *  Email.  davidb@abs-pl.com.au

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I will be there and am happy to be part of the guard of honour. Will polish my bike specially :)

Hi Sarah,


Thanks for that.  Can you please let me have your mobile number so that I can co-ordinate any last-minute things with you.  My e-mail is davidb@abs-pl.com.au.





I regret the time coincides with the start of my work shift and I am unable to change this or attend.
I did not know Michael, but as a cyclist I will be there.
just got back from Michaels funeral.  It was a very nice service.
What an honour to be part of this sad day. Michael was a man of many talents and hidden depths that as a casual cycling "buddy" i was not party to, but I learnt about today. To Michael's family my heartfelt condolences and thank-you for involving us at this time of grief. I met a few more AC members today for the first time which was a pleasure to put faces to internet voices. It was noted today that while cycling with a bunch brings groups of people togeather we don't always know each other well. That the superficial conversations at coffee before we leap back on our bikes and pedal till we can't talk and then whistle down hills with the wind so loud we can't hear, doesn't always give much depth to our friendships. I hope from Michael's death we can all take some time and make a few stronger connections with the people we ride with. Big hugs to all my friends. Sarah
Keep pedalling Jim and if I could keep up with you I would offer you all the encouragement I can. Sadly the only view I would get of you if we rode togeather is the same I had of Michael, someone pushing off into the distance. I hope you find a new mentor to help pull you through the tough climbs :)
ahh but the joy of cycling is managing the things you once couldn't dream you could

I only met Michael once, when he guided and encouraged me on a ride down to Willunga earlier this year for the TDU. He seemed like a really nice, caring guy - I'm glad he had a nice send off, he deserved it. 

To everyone who knew him better than I did, I'm sorry for your loss.

It is hard to know what to say. But, as a bystander, I was thinking of quite a few of you today. I hope that you all have the support you need. If you don't, feel free to drop me a line or two. I don't mind listening.


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