So I am writing this while realing in shock, and I don't even know if it is my place to broadcast this so widely but I am also aware that Michael was an important AC member and well respected. I had the pleasure of meeting him in February and a couple times since then and am mentioned in his last status update(on the 13th of Feb). We had several indepth converstaions about topics brought up on this forum and regarding online security. He also shared some of his work stories as we work in similar fields. He has also been the centre of  a recent AC discussion as he was hit by a wallaby on the crafers bike track and broke his collarbone. 

Where this is all leading to is that Michael took his own life today. I don't know any further details but that he did request that certain cyclists be contacted and they in turn have notified many of Michael's Cycling friends. Michael rode regularly with cob webs and I met him through riding with the Heart of the Hills ride (Norton summit to Hahndorf). We (the HoH) gang will be riding in memory of Michael this Sunday 8am from Norton Summit and will be wearing black arm bands to commemorate his life.

This brings home to me the seriousness of Robert's frank discussion here which I had been mulling over before I planned to reply. Now I don't know what to say to Robert, but keep reaching out to people.

Sadly for Michael it is too late and for that I am immensley sad.


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Sorry to hear that Michael was a treasured member of this site. I'll be at Norton Summit on Sunday to ride down in his honour.

OMG Sarah this is devastating news, I don't even know what to say as tears spill from my eyes, I did not have the pleasure of meeting Michael but feel like I know him from all his AC posts......

To all Michael's family and friends my thoughts are with you in this dreadful time

Its a terrible, terrible tragedy when someone sees no future for themselves and takes the action of ending their own life. My condolences to Michael's family especially, but also his many friends on this site.



These things which are so unpredictable to those of us left behind always reinforce the message that we must make those positive connections with those around us when we can. Never assume you have tomorrow.  I am always grateful for my cycling connections and I am sure Michael was too.  Join the Heart of the Hills and remember Michael and cement the bonds with those you know.
I look forward to seeing you on Sunday Colin xx

Wow - this is a huge shock......

Like many on this site, I have not had the pleasure of meeting Michael, but am familiar with him from his many posts on this site.

My thought are with his friends and family

Such awful news. My sincere condolences to his family and friends.
RIP Michael. You will be sadly missed.
A very sad day. Didnt have the pleasure of meeting Michael but in some way we probably all felt we knew him in some sort of way. I wish his close friends and family all the best at this tragic time.
beautifully put :)
RIP Michael. My thoughts are with all his family and friends.

My thoughts are with Michael's family and with anyone else suffering from sadness or depression.


Rob's post on related issues was such a powerful message as well. If the link in the discussion above doesn't work, try this one:


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