A quick start to the ride with temperatures starting to drop a little.  Wickhams hill had few surprises with the usual kangaroos waiting for Quentin on the way up.  I saved all the effort for the sprint to the top.

 A noticeable strong wind soon became a force 9 front at the top of the range causing all riders in the pack (2) to struggle.

Down Willunga hill, throw in a great coffee and off home it was.

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I'm starting to get concerned about the sleeping habits of the wildlife in the foothills - a sleeping koala next to the roadside seen on this trip; a sleeping kangaroo previously.

And just for those who have doubted our photographic legitimacy: here's Brett on that power surge to the top of Wickams (which the sign declares is a "Road to Recovery" ! )

He leaves a lot of rubber on that road by the looks.


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