Leaving home in the dark heading to Willunga Im thinking ...this could get hot!  However leaving Willunga with Andrew, Quentin and Tony it was a  fully overcast sky with delightful large nicely spaced drops of rain and it remained that way for the ride.  A quick downhill start towards Norman Road and down to the beach.

Along the esplanade I had cunningly devised a plan to stop and regroup at the coffee shop at Port Willunga.  Andrew took the lead and killed the idea with a quick display of athletic excellence as we rounded the Old Port Rd sweeper and headed off to Maslins Beach. (Dam!)

Diverting slightly inlaid we were passed by the Muddies heading towards Aldinga before arriving at Maslins Beach.  The number of people on the beach tells a tale of its own.....

Moving back inland and up past Tatachilla, once again Quentin caught the eye of some unsuspecting wild life startled by his speed

After a few seconds to gather his thoughts the roo decided to challenge us all to a race.

Being the more mature ones we all decided to leave him too it. (We were faster anyway!)

Heading back to Willunga we knocked over a couple of small challenges on St Johns Tce and found a coffee shop for some extremely healthy food!!

All up loop 1 of the Grand Slam 2 looks to be a picture perfect morning on the bike.  Highly recommended! 

Come on Skip!

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Oops! Sorry about Pt. Willunga coffee stop! That must have been my one and only display of athletic anything for the year!!

Thanks Pat. We had not long had a brief breather after Bowering Hill Rd. 

Andrew you saved me from myself!

I would have stopped too! :-)

oh bugger didnt see you - I am sure you guys were out there somewhere

looks like a great ride sorry I missed it

What the GS loop all about? Great morning for a ride had a lovely little ride myself :-)

Just a practice run to have a look at GS2. Will also be having a look at loop 2 soon.

Ahh I see now lol 

Ill come along for a look at the second loop... The first loop doesn't go up hann road does it??
Hi Mat. We went down Plains Rd and turned onto Hahn Rd to South Rd on our way to the esplanade. I have included a map in the ride description. Not sure where the 2nd loop goes yet..
Second loop is up old willunga so not worried about that I just hate hann road lol... Glad you guy went DOWN it going up is a night mare....


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