Messenger reporting of Marion council walking and cycling guideline debate

The 2016 census reports 8.6% of households in the council area do not have a car.

Can we conclude Marion is hipster central?

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I thought the proposals sounded pretty reasonable actually, at least if they were applied to designated bike routes like the BikeDirect network!

It's very difficult to take seriously anything that the Messenger newspapers publish these days about cycling. Their reporters and editors to often seem to treat innovation in community bicycle use or Active Transport as an opportunity to sensationalise or engage is dog-whistling journalism. Perhaps it's the only opportunity they get amidst the reporting they have to do of netball results and new businesses! To me this just sounds like the normal dialogue that occurs between Councillors and Council officers - perhaps aired more publicly than is desirable for all concerned! It seems clear to me - from the LGA Metro Group’s own Cycling Strategy - that Councils overall are reasonably focussed on Active Transport. I reckon we need to beware of the distractions of individual councillors airing their own ignorance or grievances.

Yes – it’s worth calling out stupidity, but we all have limited time and energy. Let’s also remember that change happens when innovation and new ideas are actively supported. Innovation at Council level can be risky and we need to make it clear to Councillors and to Council Staff that they have the community’s support to think outside the square. This has been proved again and again as a key principle of successful bicycle advocacy. The community voice really does need to be heard consistently and effectively.

I know this will sound like a lecture, but it never fails to amaze me how slow Adelaide has been to take advantage of the many opportunities it has for a developing a coherent and continuous cycling network across Council boundaries (which is what the LGA’s Cycling Strategy sought to outline). I can’t help thinking that it might come down to a lack of clearly communicated ‘permission’ to make it happen from the community. Let’s ask ourselves honestly – does every Metro Council have a BUG or Bicycle Reference Group to bounce ideas off or to assist in reviewing its policy or promoting its successes? Are we making it clear to every Metro Council that the community is watching what they are doing for Active Transport and has higher expectations of them than simply reading about prejudices concerning bicycle use or ‘hipsters’? Are they clear that the community takes equitable access to transport services or transport health issues seriously? The really surprising aspect of the exchanges the Messenger is reporting is that it hasn't all happened behind closed doors in some workshop. That fact that these sorts of discussions are being aired publicly tells me that Marion Council (and it's leadership) need to get their act together and start talking to each other! The story seems more about Council 'dysfunction' than poorly conceived planning or ideas...

Indeed crazy. Thanks for coming last night Jim. It only clicked on the way home - I know that name :) Hope to talk more through BISA. If only Marion councillors were like the City of Charles Sturt hey??

Charles Sturt were very well represented last night Katie !! A very informative presentation.

Point taken about the BUG - it is difficult to know who does what and how to find them

the same  Messenger - a story about the elderly having access to trikes


Is the "Walking and Cycling Guidelines" document available online? I couldn't find it from a quick Google.

Personally I don't have a problem with proposals being guidelines rather than firm rules; and narrowing every street and widening every footpath would be excessive; but it's hard to know what is proposed without seeing the document.

Marion has a number of very busy intersections. Lots of through traffic going down the major arterials south north, and traffic heading to Flinders Uni and Medical Centre. Many cycling no go zones in busy periods for all but the brave or foolhardy.

The last cycling and walking plan Marion did laid a lot of groundwork (conceptually) and was on the money (figuratively). You have done well Dave finding the new document, I could not find it when I looked.

Marion council area will be infastructure central very soon. The Darlington south road works is in in their area. The Oaklands rail crossing work is just starting. I think the Tonsley rail line extension to FMC/ Flinders Uni has funding allocated (which will have an accompanying path). Renewal Sa are overseeing the Tonsley Mitsubishi site redevelopment. In addition a whole lot of SA housing was cleared along the Sturt River at Morphettville- there are some site works but I don’t know who is doing what.

Before the election Chris Hanna was campaigning that there was a need for a multi story car park to go with the new Oaklands Park train station as part of the station upgrade/train underpass. I assume this area has a transit oriented development status with zoning etc. Parking in the streets is an issue and the cycle greenway, sharrow way runs along the tracks (not sure of its name but further south it is the Marino rocks cycleway)

Does anyone know if there is a Marion BUG? If not was there one?

An experienced ‘cyclist’ who rides 100 km per week might think that marked bicycle lanes, continuous bicycle lanes, green coloured bicycle lanes, and bike boxes at intersections are unnecessary.
However, omits that better infrastructure can encourage bicycle transport, e.g. less confident people who currently ride infrequently or only on shared paths. 

16 BUGs (but not all) listed here.
There was a Marion BUG in 2005. 20 BUGs listed on page 11.


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